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Some Common Side Effects of ED Medication

How does ED medication vary? Half of all men aged 40-70 have erectile dysfunction (ED), but only 10% report inability to erect. Approximately 70% of otherwise healthy men experience an erection that is sufficient to initiate intercourse.

The main obstacle to finding the right Erectile Dysfunction drug for your needs may be the health insurance rules, not biochemistry. Insurers often limit how many pills you can get per month. Once you reach your limit, the cost of a single pill may be prohibitively high. Dr. Liou states that the main problem in my practice is the price. To get the medication you need, you will need to consult your doctor.

What are the top ED Medications available?

Other ED drugs that are available in the United States, aside from Viagra, include avanafil (“Stendra”), tadalafil and vardenafil . All of these medications increase blood supply to your penis. Combining these drugs with sexual stimulation can result in an erection that is sufficient to initiate and end the intercourse. You can also use Staxyn, a quick-dissolving version of Levitra that you can put under your tongue.

One ED drug, Cialis is FDA-approved and can be taken daily in a dosage of 2.5 to 5 milligrams. This allows for erections to be produced on demand. It may also relieve urinary problems such as difficulty starting urination or difficulty starting urination that can result from an enlarged bladder.

ED medication Online Available

Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, can impact your quality of your life and decrease your enjoyment from sex. There are many reasons for ED, including mental as well as physical. As men age, ED is more common in men. Many men can get ED treated with medications.

The following are the most popular ED drugs:

Prescription drugs can increase blood levels of nitric oxygen. The vasodilator nature of nitric oxide is that it increases blood flow by widening blood vessels. These medications are especially powerful in expanding your penis veins. You will be able to get an erection much quicker if there is more blood in your penis.

These medications may provide additional side effects. The following are seven symptoms of ED prescription.


Side effects of ED medication include headaches. Headaches are caused by a sudden decrease in blood flow due to the higher levels of Nitric Ox.

Side effects are common with all forms of ED drugs. Switching brands will not necessarily relieve your symptoms. Talk to your doctor if you experience headaches due to an ED drug.

Pains and aches

People may experience muscle aches or pains while taking ED medication.Certain individuals have encountered torment in the lower back.. These types of pain can be caused by ED medication. OTC pain medication might help.

Talk to your doctor about any other causes of your pain. Your PCP will assist you with choosing an OTC drug that you can bring with your ED medicine and some other prescriptions.

Your ED medicine might cause awkward stomach related framework secondary effects. Most normal secondary effects are looseness of the bowels and heartburn.

You can make minor changes in your diet to relieve stomach upset. Water may be a better option than caffeinated drinks, alcohol, and juice. Talk to your doctor if you are unable to change your diet. OTC remedies may be available.


Some men may feel dizzy if their nitric oxide levels rise.The impacts of ED prescription on dazedness are typically gentle. Any dizziness that occurs during daily activities can be uncomfortable.

Rarely, fainting can be caused by dizziness due to ED medication. In the event that you feel mixed up while taking ED medicine, illuminating your doctor is significant. Consult your doctor immediately if you feel fainting while taking these drugs.

Vision changes

ED drugs can alter the way you see things.These prescriptions can briefly influence your vision and cause foggy vision.. If you have vision loss or a retinal disorder called retinitis, ED medication is not recommended.

If you experience vision loss or persistent changes, it could indicate a more serious problem with your ED medication. These symptoms should prompt you to seek emergency medical attention.


Flushes are normally found on the face yet can likewise spread to different pieces of your body. Flushing can show up as smeared or extreme skin conditions, like rashes.Flushing isn’t usually dangerous, even though it may be uncomfortable.Flushings can be even more severe if you get:

  • Hot and spicy food is a good choice
  • Drink alcohol
  • Are outside in warm temperatures

Runny nose and congestion

ED medication side effects can include congestion and a stuffy nose. These secondary effects for the most part vanish all alone. Assuming they endure, converse with your primary care physician.

Perceiving extraordinary, extreme secondary effects

Side effects of ED medication are very common. However, side effects are not as common and can be even dangerous. Side effects that can be severe from ED medication include:

  • Priapism is an erection that lasts more than four hours.
  • Hearing changes
  • Vision Changes

If you experience any of these side effects, contact your doctor immediately.

These secondary effects are more normal in men than in ladies. It could be due to other medical conditions or medications.

It’s important that you tell your doctor about any medications you are taking and other medical conditions. Your doctor might suggest alternative treatment options if ED drugs don’t work for you.

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