Shipping rates are different for different countries. You can see your shipping price according to your country given in the table below while placing an order from theCart.‘  You can also go through all the lists of Express mail services and Registered Airmail services available in your country.


ETA means an Estimated time of arrival, which shows approximately how many days it takes to arrive your order through ship or airplane. The Estimated time of arrival depends on the country’s postal services.


You can feel free to contact us at about order information and queries or issues regarding delivery. We will try to solve your problems related to the same. For example, suppose you don’t receive notifications about shipping information or obtain your order from the shipping office. In that case, your order may be on hold or delayed for some reason.


The estimated time of Arrival(ETA) is given below country-wise. The ETA list given below is business days from Monday to Friday. The numbers are predicted through standard orders: