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Erectile dysfunction is linked in some way too premature ejaculation. Some men may use medication that helps them get an erection but still find it hard to control how fast they ejaculate. This is why Super Vilitra exists. A great number of men are happily using this drug to make sex exciting and satisfactory. Read More
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Erectile dysfunction is linked in some way too premature ejaculation. Some men may use medication that helps them get an erection but still find it hard to control how fast they ejaculate. This is why Super Vilitra exists. A great number of men are happily using this drug to make sex exciting and satisfactory.

What is Super Vilitra?

It is a medicine that blends Vardenafil with Dapoxetine, two effective drugs in their own right used to give relief to men with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Vardenafil is a vasodilator that acts on the enzyme PDE-5. Dapoxetine is originally an antidepressant but the way it acts on brain chemicals makes it effective at dealing with premature ejaculation. This drug contains 20 mg Vardenafil and 60 Mg Dapoxetine. The drug is made by Centurion Laboratories and made available across the world through online pharmacies like The USA Meds. This double therapy is fairly new but is picking up speed but is only available on prescription.

Use Of Super Vilitra:

When your climax has become as fast as Usain Bolt and your erection is non-existent, it is time to get this medication prescribed. You also need to be an adult before using this medication as an option is discuss. It is taken on demand or when the doctor directs you to take it. You however need to be sure that your condition is chronic before you start taking this pill. Note that some people may have a lot on their minds and that may affect arousal. Such people may not need this treatment, instead, they need to relax.

How is it Use?

Super Vilitra is use according to your condition. The physician will determine the regimen you should follow after an examination. You might take it only when you are going to have sex or maybe daily. Just one tablet will power your night of passion. While using the drug, you need to beware of overdose. The doctor will guide you to avoid that occurrence.


Your Health Provider Needs Before they Prescribe Super Vilitra
  • Do you have any allergies and do any of them relate to this drug and its components?
  • Do you have complications with your liver or kidney?
  • Do you have to avoid vigorous activities of which sex is one of them?
  • Do you have severe blood pressure problems?
  • All the drugs you are taking and may have take within a couple of months or more
  • You recently had a heart complication or a stroke
  • Are you a smoker or heavy drinker and can you give them up?
  • Whether you already started on an alternative remedy for the problem including supplements
  • Are you receiving medicine for mental illness and what is the condition and remedy?

Don't use Super Vilitra if:

  • You are looking for a thrill but do not have erectile dysfunction
  • The doctor did not approve its use
  • You have allergies to Super Vilitra or its ingredients
  • You are an alcoholic and are still drinking
  • You are on medication that contains nitrates
  • Your heart is too weak to handle strenuous activity
  • Your penis is deformed
  • You had an operation on your heart
  • You are already on a similar regimen
Some variable doses of Vilitra include Vilitra 10 Mg, Vilitra 20 Mg, and Vilitra 40 Mg.

Side Effects

Very few drugs will not have side effects. This is not one of them. There is a fifty-fifty chance of you experiencing side effects. Particularly after your first doses, you will experience side effects, and later the body conditions itself to the drug and it is no more a problem. The most reported side effects are nothing major.

Minor effects

  • Headache
  • Back pain
  • Face turning red
  • Feeling hot around the face and neck
  • Muscle aches
  • Nausea
  • Unclear vision
  • Dizziness
Men who determine their own dosage end up experiencing rare but serious side effects that threaten the condition of their penis or even their life. Call the emergency service if you get any of the following after administering the drug:
  • Chest pain
  • Priapism
  • Sudden loss of sight
  • Fainting
  • Ringing in the ears
  • A drastic drop in blood pressure
  • Swollen eyes

Is Super Vilitra Worth it?

Ask yourself how much sex means to you. For a man with ED and PE, your sex life is dead or on life support. And with it, so many other pleasurable bits of life may disappear as well. This medication gives you the chance to reclaim your sex life and you can then enjoy some of these benefits of sex. 1. Happiness: We all love being happy and having sex with someone you care about can make you even happier. When you climax, it is a feeling similar to winning a million dollars. Such happiness is necessary for good sleep, a pleasant mood, and immunity. 2. Intense ejaculation: Not many men experience such ejaculations. The suppression of serotonin and then a sudden release of it enhances the pleasure of sex. Not forgetting that you can go longer and have your partner enjoy sex as well. 3. Penis health: Are you aware that the only time your penis gets oxygenate blood is when you have an erection? The health of your manhood is put at stake when you are impotent. This drug will save it from damage by enabling you to get erect more often. This is also necessary to help you control your urine and release pressure on the prostate glands. 4. Relationship: You should also ask what your relationship means to you. Sex is an important part of relationships. Without sex, your relationship may disintegrate. You can save it if you find a solution to your nonfunctional organ. The solution is branded Super Vilitra.

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