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Inability to get an erection can be embarrassing. Many men go through this especially as they get older. You do not have to though. With Suhagra 100 mg even an old man in his 90s can get an erection and have a satisfying sex life. Read More

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Sildenafil Citrate

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100 Tablet/s, 148 Tablet/s, 196 Tablet/s, 48 Tablet/s



Inability to get an erection can be embarrassing. Many men go through this especially as they get older. You do not have to though. With Suhagra 100 mg even an old man in his 90s can get an erection and have a satisfying sex life. There should be no excuse for failing to show your partner you love them when there is a pill like this that works within minutes of administering it.

What is Suhagra 100 mg?

This is a tablet used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. If you have trouble getting or maintaining an erection when stimulated, then that condition is described as erectile dysfunction or impotence. It is a tried and tested drug that can get your penis hard and sustain that stiffness long enough for you to engage in sex for as long as 4 hours.

Which Main Ingredient does Suhagra 100 mg contain?

Suhagra 100 mg is a small blue pill taken orally. It contains sildenafil, a common ingredient in drugs used to treat impotence. The drug is a prescription medication which means you need a doctor to recommend its use and how much you should take. However, you can still purchase it online from our website instead of at a pharmacy. A tablet of Suhagra contains 100 milligrams of sildenafil. This amount is considered sufficient to induce an erection for most men although sometimes more or less would be needed. Suhagra in available indifferent powers also! They are Suhagra 25 Mg and Suhagra 50 Mg.

How Does Suhagra 100 mg Work?

With sildenafil as the main ingredient of this medication, its effect is similar to other phosphodiesterases 5 inhibitors (PDE 5). This temporarily blocks the action of the enzyme PDE 5. The body uses PDE 5 to suppress an erection after sex by reducing blood running to the penis. For men with impotence, the action of the enzyme needs to be regulated so that blood vessels relax and let the blood flow easily through the body. When a man is stimulated within the period that Suhagra 100 mg is effective in the body, he will get an erection. After sex, the penis will get flaccid again.

Dosage of Suhagra 100 mg

A doctor would make the best recommendation on how much of the medication you should take. That said, it is common for a patient to take just one tablet of Suhagra 100 mg in 24 hours. The treatment is recommended when you plan to make love. It is swallowed at least 30 minutes before the time you intend to have sex. The effect of the impotence pill should be visible within an hour after taking it. This medicine, like many other impotence pills, will work along with stimulation. Now that's an incentive to not leave out foreplay. You may or may not eat food before taking the medication. But if you decide to have a meal, ensure it is not very fatty. Fatty foods may delay the action of the drug or even prevent it altogether.

Why use Suhagra 100 mg?

The availability of the medication should be the first reason to use it. If you are suffering from ED, you can easily treat it with Suhagra 100 mg. Treating impotence will have several advantages to your life. If you do not already know this, your partner feels less valued if you cannot get an erection despite their best attempts. You can reverse that feeling by treating the condition and once again get turned on by her. One of the common effects of erectile dysfunction is depression for the man. This even affects your day job as well as your outlook on life. You can make your life happier by getting back that erection and having regular sex. Do you feel less of a man because you cannot satisfy your mate? Well, with this medicine you can boost that deflated ego. Sex is something everyone in a relationship should be able to enjoy. It will release happy hormones that make you healthier and make life worth living. These tablets purchased from our website are the answer to a happy relationship and a healthy life.

The Side Effects of Suhagra 100 mg

This medicine may produce some side effects that are categorized as minor as well as severe. The chances of experiencing these side effects are about 2 out of 10. Minor side effects do not last more than a few hours. Any severe side effects on the other hand need to be investigated by a trained doctor. The following are minor and will subside eventually.
  • Nausea
  • Flushed face
  • Headache
  • Lightheadedness
  • Loose stool
  • Nasal congestion
  • Light sensitivity and cloudy vision
On the other hand, these are side effects that should raise red flags. If you experience the following, make an immediate doctor’s appointment.
  • Unrelenting and painful erection
  • Palpitation
  • Blood in urine
  • Tingling sensation in arms and feet
  • Constant ringing in the ears
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Any minor side effects that last more than 4 hours

Caution When Taking Suhagra 100 mg

To ensure the efficacy of the medication and to prevent any unpleasant or life-threatening occurrences, observe the following precautions.
  • Avoid taking alcohol before or after swallowing the pill
  • Inform your doctor about any other illnesses you have and the medications you are taking
  • Only take Suhagra 100 mg as prescribed by the doctor
  • Buy it from a trustworthy vendor like us to ensure authenticity
  • Do not eat junk foods on the day you plan to take the medicine

Does Suhagra 100 mg Work?

This treatment is approved for use in treating impotence. In clinical trials, the active ingredient Sildenafil proved effective in more than 70% of the cases. It is important, however, to understand that sometimes erectile dysfunction may be triggered by psychological influences. Cases like people worried about the loss of a job or going through a traumatic sexual experience may influence the condition. At times it is necessary to seek counseling as well as undergo treatment with the pill for best effects. It is equally important to have a healthy lifestyle. Exercising, drinking lots of water, and eating the right foods are encouraged. You should realize that Suhagra 100 mg will help send blood to your penis. The rest will be up to you to be in good enough shape to use it. Hope you have liked this information. Please view our other products such as Fildena 100 Mg and Cenforce 100 Mg. The USA Meds is the #1 pharmacy in the US. Buy Suhagra 100 Mg from us anywhere in New York, California, Florida, and other cities in the US.
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