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When you buy Sildigra 75 Mg, you have power over your sex life. An erection will no longer be an uphill battle that you lose. You can even expect to see positive changes in your life once you start using it. What is Sildigra 75 Mg? It is a product of RSM Enterprise. Read More

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Sildenafil Citrate


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120 Pills + 40 PILLS FREE, 150 Pills + 50 PILLS FREE, 60 Pills + 20 PILLS FREE, 90 Pills + 30 PILLS FREE


10 Pills/strip

When you buy Sildigra 75 Mg, you have power over your sex life. An erection will no longer be an uphill battle that you lose. You can even expect to see positive changes in your life once you start using it.

What is Sildigra 75 Mg?

It is a product of RSM Enterprise. Sildigra 75 Mg is intended for use in the treatment of men’s sexual health defects. The drug contains Sildenafil in the quantity indicated on the package. The drug is diamond-shaped and dark blue. The pills are packed in strips with 10 tabs.

How Does it Work? 

For many cases of erectile dysfunction, there is a restriction in blood flow to the penis. This is a result of compressed blood vessels. To correct this, the drug cancels the action of the enzyme that contracts muscles in vessel walls. The result is gradual relaxation of the muscles. Once blood vessels are relaxed, they widen and have smooth walls. Blood can then flow through fluidly.

When a man engages in sexually stimulating activity, blood will enter the penis vessels and collect in 2 large chambers. The filled chambers are what cause an erection.

Who Should Use Sildigra 75 Mg?

The drug was made for the management of erectile dysfunction. Only men with problems getting or maintaining an erection are expected to use it. There is no evidence that it can be useful to healthy men who can already get erections.

How is it Administer?

This is a tablet that needs to be administer through the mouth. Like most oral medicines, you should swallow them with water. The time that you take the pill is usually determined by when you intend to have sex. You have the option of taking it, 30 mins, 1 hour, or not more than 4 hours before you indulge in sex.

When it comes to dosage, the medical professional or pharmacist will advise you on what will work best. Do not be surprise if you have to change doses after some time.

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Benefits of Sildigra 75 Mg

By using Sildigra 75 Mg you can enhance your relationship with your partner. It also will help you deal with some of the unpleasant physical and emotional consequences of erectile dysfunction.

1. Revive Intimacy: If you have been withdrawn and reluctant to be intimate with your partner because of ED, you can stop that now and act like a real couple. The drug will give you a hardon within 1 hour and you can fulfill your intimate desires.

2. Reverses Depression: Depression caused by impotence is a common occurrence. A man may experience several emotions that end up in depression because of what seems like lost manhood. This medicine breathes life back to your sex life and there should be no reason for depression.

3. Better Sleep: The kind of sleep you have after sex is what sleep therapists recommend for perfect relaxation and rejuvenation. For an important man that might be impossible because coupled with the worries they have, they cannot have normal sex. However, with this treatment, it will be possible to do it. Science explains the process that results in deep sleep after sex. Your brain produces a chemical that induces relaxation.

4. Improved Health: Treating ED is indirectly treating other problems you may have. If blood is not flowing to your penis, there is a high chance it is also not getting to other parts of your body. This drug encourages blood circulation and that will improve your heart health.

5. Better Life: Sex can change your life. If you and your partner are having good sex regularly, you will be happier. That happiness will radiate in your interactions with other people. You will be a more pleasant person. This will also induce positivity and the drive to succeed in life. That means working harder, meeting targets, and probably making more money.

Side Effects:

The side effects are nothing that a bit of patience, a glass of water, or less light will not fix. The most common effects are mild and not everyone gets them.

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Blocked nose
  • Light sensitivity
  • Flushing

In a 4 year study of the effects of Sildenafil drugs, it was determine that some rare cases may occur where a patient develops serious symptoms. This was common among people who were put on very high doses that could be an overdose. There were also cases of allergies to the drug as well as interactions. The effects included::

  • Prolonged penile stiffness
  • Chest pain
  • Loss of sight
  • Loss of hearing
  • Low blood pressure
  • Allergic reactions

You cannot manage serious conditions like those at home. If they occur, go to the health facility.


Do not be put off from using the treatment because of the side effects. If you follow these guidelines, you limit the occurrence of problems.

1. Stick to Prescription: Your medical therapist will help you find a safe dose for this drug. Do not go about it on your own. Overdosing can cause untreatable erectile dysfunction.

2. Alcohol Use: A glass of wine at dinner a few hours before you take the medication may be fine. However indiscriminate use of alcohol can cause serious complications. It will also limit the effectiveness of the drug. If you cannot control the volume of alcohol you take, suspend its use.

3. Misuse: Sildigra 75 Mg has no aphrodisiac properties, nor will it make you a sex champion. If you do not have ED, do not use it. Children and pregnant women do not have any reason to use it either.

4. Other Medication: Inform the pharmacist or whoever prescribes the drugs about any medications you are on. Some meds should not be take together.

5. Food: Mind the types of food you eat. Fatty food in particular may make it seem like the medicine is not working. You might end up overdosing yet the problem is with what you are eating.

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