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Premature ejaculation can happen to any man, but this is usually a temporary condition brought about by several scenarios. However, there are other men who suffer this every time they have sex. That is a very embarrassing and frustrating ailment but luckily there is hope for such men. You do not have to be forever label as the 1-minute man. Read More
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Premature ejaculation can happen to any man, but this is usually a temporary condition brought about by several scenarios. However, there are other men who suffer this every time they have sex. That is a very embarrassing and frustrating ailment but luckily there is hope for such men.

You do not have to be forever label as the 1-minute man. A dose of Poxet 30 Mg will give you better control of your ejaculation.

What is Poxet 30 Mg?

This medication is known as a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). It controls the level of Serotonin in the brain. Originally it use as an antidepressant but its ability to delay ejaculation has made it a popular drug to improve sexual performance.

Taken in advance of sex, this pill can give you triple the ability to keep going before you “explode.” Studies on men with PE who have used this drug indicate that the longer they use it, the more control they will have over their ejaculation.

This drug works by preventing the signals to the penis muscles to contract, which is what causes ejaculation. The brain chemical serotonin controls ejaculation so by inhibiting its reuptake, ejaculation can delay.

It may take between 1 and 3 hours for the drug to start acting.

The main ingredient in this drug is Dapoxetine and it is manufactured by Sunrise Manufacturers. This medication is also available in higher doses like Poxet 60 Mg and Poxet 90 Mg.

Why use Poxet 30 Mg?

This drug is being used widely by men with premature ejaculation. They are happy with the results and the following benefits that they have experienced might give you a reason to use it as well.

1. Satisfy your partner: Your partner deserves a marathon runner in the bedroom and not a 100 meters sprinter. Many women are just warming up after 1 minute of sex, therefore it can be the biggest letdown if that is the time you are saying it’s over. With this medication, you will control your ejaculation longer and give your partner more enjoyment. You will also enjoy it more.

2. No more embarrassment: Let’s face it, the top embarrassing moments in the bedroom are premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. A man shouldn’t have to live his life knowing sex is something he is not good at.

It is very belittling to know that you spent time telling her what you were going to do to her but in less than a minute, all that is done. Well, with this medication you will have more time to do those things and be proud of yourself.

3. Better focus on your partner: Women with partners with premature ejaculation point out that it would be tolerable if the men would focus on pleasing them in other ways but usually the men are more focused on trying not to ejaculate and even the 1 minute is so mechanical and still doesn’t produce any fruits. This medication will help you relax and focus on your partner, not your problem. Sex will be more enjoyable for both of you.

4. You will enjoy sex: Even though ejaculation feels so nice and you may look forward to it, you want to savor the moment of lovemaking. Finishing too early is like going to a party just to cut the cake and leave. Poxet 30 Mg will give you enough time to enjoy the act and have so much to remember. Your ejaculation will also feel more intense than ever before.

How to get the Best of Poxet 30 Mg?

  • Do not self medicate, let a doctor explain to you the best way to use the drug and determine if it is safe for you to use it
  • Go for a follow-up visit to the doctor so they can determine if it is doing what it should and whether there is a need for adjustment
  • To prevent sedation as a result of the treatment, do not take alcohol while on this medication the two may interact with bad consequences
  • Recreational drugs like marijuana should use while you are on this treatment, it can cause you to faint
  • Plan to take the drug in advance so that by the time you are having sex, it is active, that should be between 1 and 3 hours
  • Swallow the tablet without chewing or breaking
  • Do not take the medication more often than you have been told to
  • Find out about all the possible interactions of this drug before you start to take it or other drugs.

Possible Side Effects of Poxet 30 Mg

There are a few side effects you might experience after you take this drug. Many people are put off by the side effects but if you consider the benefits of Poxet 30 Mg, these side effects are nothing to stop you from achieving full sexual satisfaction. The following may experience but should not cause a lot of worries.

1. Headache: It is usually a slight headache that may go after some time. Many people drink about 2 liters of water throughout the day to reduce the effect.

2. Lightheadedness: This is a normal reaction to the medication and you should sit down for a while as your body stabilizes. It is also not a good idea to drive after using the drug because of these side effects.

3. Nausea: Drinking water and avoiding certain foods can help deal with this side effect.

4. Insomnia: The risk of this occurring is minimal and your doctor may help you deal with it if it occurs.

5. Disinterest in sex: Long-term use of the drug may affect your sex drive. You should talk to the specialist about how you can handle this if it occurs.

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  1. Richard Green

    Really happy with the advice that the team at The USA Meds provided me with. It’s not easy dealing with ED, but it was a relief to get some proper advice on how to deal with it. Although there is no miracle cure, their help and support has been great and I’m finally starting to see positive results. Thanks guys!

  2. Ryan Flores

    Excellent all my products arrived pretty fast I like The USA Meds store I will buy more products!

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