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If you have erectile dysfunction, you are one of the thousands of men with this problem. Manforce 50 Mg can be the solution you seek. You may have realized that ED comes with a series of other problems. Do not worry, all those can be handle once you start this therapy. Read More

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Sildenafil Citrate

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135 Tablet/s, 180 Tablet/s, 90 tablet/s



If you have erectile dysfunction, you are one of the thousands of men with this problem. Manforce 50 Mg can be the solution you seek. You may have realized that ED comes with a series of other problems. Do not worry, all those can be handle once you start this therapy.

What is Manforce 50 Mg?

This is a film-coated tablet that contains Sildenafil Citrate. It is prescribed for men who cannot get an erection. Most urologists prescribe Manforce 50 Mg for the early treatment of erectile dysfunction. It is a safe drug made by Mankind Pharma Ltd which is a licensed business. These tablets are sold in strips of 9 tabs.

How Does Manforce 50 Mg Work?

The human body is made up of an interlinked network of blood vessels. These vessels can either be tight and narrow, or relaxed and wide. When they are tight, less blood flows through, when they are relaxed, more blood flows through. Now, the penis has 2 large chambers, which are blood vessels. The chambers need a lot of blood so they can fill up and the entire penis will expand and stiffen. Impotent men usually have tight blood vessels, so that means the penis chambers do not get enough blood. When you swallow Manforce 50 Mg, it alters the chemicals that control the tightening and relaxing of vessel muscles. These vessels will relax all through the body. Now if a man who has taken the tablet is aroused, blood will go into the penis chamber and erect the organ. All this happens because of the Sildenafil contained in the tablet. We also sell its variants like Kamagra Chewable Tablet.

How is Manforce 50 Mg Use?

This is an oral tablet. You will swallow it with water before you have sex. Your medical therapist will advise you to take the drug an hour before you conjugate with your partner. Usually, the prescription will read, 1x1. That implies once a day. Because this is a low dose of sildenafil, a doctor may choose to give a different prescription depending on the diagnosis.


Despite all the troubles you may have right now, you can have a better life if you start this therapy and continue with it as directed by the urologist. Many men discovered they have erectile dysfunction but they sought treatment and now their lives are better. This is how. 1. Quick Therapy: You do not need to swallow a bunch of drugs or perform a dangerous surgery to get an erection. So this small pill is easy to swallow and in an hour, you will have the strength you need in your penis. 2. Revitalized Sex Life: You might have worries that you cannot have sex again. You are worring about that your partner is giving up on you. Don’t be. However, you can have an active sex life like a man in his twenties. The tablets are not expensive, you can buy enough for every time you need to have sex and the results will be wonderful. 3. Mood Relaxation: You might have noticed that you are usually tense. Even if you may not always show it, it is eating you inside. That is the result of not having sex. Sex is a great way to relax. Having someone to be close to and make love to has a positive effect on your mental wellbeing. This medicine will let you have sex again and relax more often. 4. Better Sleep: If you are relaxed, you can sleep better. What’s more, after climax, the brain releases a chemical that triggers sleep. Your body energizes itself while you are asleep. This means by taking Manforce 50 mg, you will be energized. 5. Good Health: Do you value good health? Then you should have more sex. Scientists found out that safe sex boosts your immunity. Your body releases positive vibes which are not conducive to free radicals that are associate with illness. Your immunity will increase as a result of treating impotence. 6. Overall Confidence: With this treatment, you can reclaim your seat at the table of men. Your manhood will be ignited and you will have nothing to be ashamed about. While your partner will sing your praises for overcoming ED and being positive about life.

Side Effects

Few people will have side effects from taking this dose. If you do, it may be necessary to have a lower dose of the drug. However, the side effects are tolerable and they don't stay. Your doctor may want to know if you experience anything, but it will not need treatment. Side effects of Manforce 50 Mg may include:
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Lightheaded
  • Running stomach
  • Stuffy nose
There are also uncommon effects you should know about. These may occur if you swallow too much or if you are allergic to the medication.
  • Racing heartbeat
  • Chest pain
  • Priapism
  • Fainting
  • Low blood pressure
Make haste to the emergency room if any of these occur.


1. Overdose: One of the main reasons people may have adverse effects to the medication is overdose. Patients get tempt to take a few more tabs with the hope they will experience better results. This is never advise unless the doctor is the one who orders it. 2. Heart Attack: If you have had a heart attack before, you shouldn't undergo treatment with sildenafil. So people taking medication to treat any heart condition should make it known to the doctor. 3. Nitric Oxide: Any medication or food that contains nitric oxide may be a danger to you if you are using this medicine. This is because sildenafil increases nitric oxide in the body. Too much of it can cause a dangerous drop in blood pressure. 4. Alcohol: Alcohol can be taken in responsible amounts. So too much alcohol can trigger unpleasant reactions. 5. Smoking: Suspend the habit as you are being treated. So its even better kick the habit completely. 6. Safe Sex: You have a responsibility to practice safe sex at all times. The drug will not protect you from any irresponsible behavior.

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