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Have you been struggling to get an erection? Fildena 25 Mg is the treatment that will help you recapture your virility. It is used by men with erectile dysfunction and the results are good. What is Fildena 25 Mg? This is a film-coated tablet made using Sildenafil Citrate. The drug is intended to help men who cannot sustain an erection. Read More

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Sildenafil Citrate

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Have you been struggling to get an erection? Fildena 25 Mg is the treatment that will help you recapture your virility. It is used by men with erectile dysfunction and the results are good.

What is Fildena 25 Mg?

This is a film-coated tablet made using Sildenafil Citrate. The drug is intended to help men who cannot sustain an erection. It is approved as a low-dose treatment for erectile dysfunction. Fildena 25 Mg is manufactured by Fortune Healthcare.

How Does Fildena 25 Mg Work?

If your erection is weak or the penis becomes flaccid after a short while, that is usually an indication of poor blood supply to the organ. Fildena 25 Mg improves blood flow through your body. The pill’s ingredient Sildenafil is a PDE-5 inhibitor. 25 milligrams of this compound is enough to block the enzyme PDE-5 so that blood vessels can smoothen out and expand. When you get busy with your partner, blood flow to your penis will commence and you will sustain a hard erection like a normal man.

Dosage of Fildena 25 Mg

Fildena 25 Mg is the lowest dose of this drug. It is usually used as a starter treatment to ensure a person will not negatively react to any compound of the medication. You should take just one pill per day (24 hours). It may take an hour for the body to react to the treatment. Since this can also be used as a treatment for Pulmonary complications, a doctor may prescribe an appropriate dose.

Benefits of Fildena 25 Mg

The benefits of this treatment can be confirmed by reviews from people who have used Fildena 25 Mg. You too can picture what benefits you would derive from the treatment of an ailment that prevents you from engaging in sex. To help you picture that, here are some of the benefits:

1. Simple Solution With Big Rewards: This is a small and easy to administer tablet but you will see the impact in less than an hour. Unlike other doses of Fildena, this one has lower chances of unpleasant side effects. This means you can treat erectile dysfunction quickly and suffer no consequences.

2. Harder Erections: In most cases, as a man ages, he will have a weaker erection. For many men, they can still have sex, but their strength is diminished. This treatment revives your erection to its youthful glory. Your partner will be able to fill that stamina as you have sex.

3. Satisfied Partner: This treatment will help you go on for hours if the need is there. Many men may fail to regain an erection after one or two rounds. With this drug, however, you can sustain an erection for 4 hours. That is more than enough to satisfy your partner.

4. Restores Self Confidence: Loss of ego is a common complaint among men with erectile dysfunction. You do not have to suffer that anymore. By taking this medicine, you can prove to yourself and your partner that your manhood is still functioning. Never worry that people may be laughing behind your back because you cannot satisfy your partner.

5. Healthy Penis: Believe it or not, your penis health is highly dependent on regular erections. Like all organs of your body, it needs blood. An erection floods the organ with blood and that keeps it healthy. When you have untreated ED, you are depriving the penis of blood. This treatment will give it the healing that it needs.

Side Effects of Fildena 25 Mg

Because Fildena 25 Mg is a low dose of Sildenafil, the cases of side effects are minimal. Even those who get side effects report that it wasn’t serious. However, if you feel any of the following, do not worry, as it will go soon.

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Dizzy spell
  • Stuffy nose
  • Diarrhea

Note that the above are side effects. Allergic reactions on the other hand would have different symptoms. If you have any symptoms different from the above, stop using the medicine until a physician makes a diagnosis.


Chances of overdose are minimal with this treatment. However, avoid increasing the prescribed dosage without the green light from a medical specialist. Taking too many tablets can become life-threatening or give you permanent impotence.

You can also buy Fildena 150 Mg and Fildena Professional 100 Mg.


There are some categories of people who should not take this drug. These include:

  • People with diabetes
  • Anyone who had a heart attack within 6 months
  • People receiving cancer treatment
  • Anyone taking medication for mental illness
  • Anyone with low blood pressure
  • People taking supplements or medication containing nitrates
  • Men with a deformed penis (bent)
  • Men undergoing cardiac treatment
  • Pregnant or lactating women
  • Children

Sadly, while you might wish to have a bit of wine before your night of passion, alcohol use when on treatment with Sildenafil is discourage. It can affect the reaction of your body to the treatment.

You might also need to stay away from the driver’s seat after taking this medication. It could be dangerous if you get dizzy while driving or operating any complex machinery.

If you choose to eat before taking the medication, ensure that it is a light meal and one that isn’t fatty. Fat can block the absorption of the drug in the body.

Is Fildena 25 Mg Safe?

This drug is safe for use. It should be safe as long as you follow the instructions given by your doctor. The above precautions should also take into consideration. Make sure you purchase the drug from a recognized pharmacy that sells original products. Based on clinical trials, it is both safe and effective for treating erectile complications. 

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