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Filagra DXT Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation can be treated with a single tablet. When you take Filagra DXT, two of the most common male sexual troubles will be treated. No more separate therapies once you start on this drug. What is Filagra DXT? Filagra DXT is an exciting combination drug that contains Sildenafil and Duloxetine. Read More
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Duloxetine, Sildenafil

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Filagra DXT

Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation can be treated with a single tablet. When you take Filagra DXT, two of the most common male sexual troubles will be treated. No more separate therapies once you start on this drug.

What is Filagra DXT?

Filagra DXT is an exciting combination drug that contains Sildenafil and Duloxetine. These 2 ingredients can work at the same time without creating any adverse reactions. The pill is manufactured by Fortune Health PVT. They package 10 yellow tablets in a strip and 10 strips in a box. Unlike some other brands of medications for impotence, this one is more affordable and yet has equal strength.

How Does Filagra DXT Work?

This question is asked often and many myths exist about medication for male sexual problems. Here are the facts about Filagra DXT. It's almost like having 2 separate pills but taking them at the same time. Let's start with its performance on erectile dysfunction. This drug uses Sildenafil to address the source of the problem. While you might think the problem is with your penis, scientists discovered long ago that most men have no problem with their penises. The problem is with the vessels and circulation of blood. Erectile dysfunction could be a result of poor diet, underlying conditions like high blood pressure, or psychological stress. All these can make blood vessels tighten and limit blood flow. That means, even when you are in the mood for sex, not enough blood gets to the penis. This is where Sildenafil comes in. This compound will disrupt the enzyme responsible for vessel constriction. The vessels will respond by opening up and letting blood run through. Now, when you are in the mood for sex, there is no hindrance to blood flow. So the organ vessels fill up and the penis will rise and stay that way. Duloxetine also disrupts an enzyme in the body, but this one is in the brain. Serotonin is responsible for ejaculation as it increases the experience of pleasure. Duloxetine delays the action of the chemical and that prevents you from being labeled a “one-minute man.”

Dosage of Filagra DXT

You must take the right dose to experience the effects explained above. Filagra DXT contains 100 mg of Sildenafil and 30 mg of Duloxetine. Most adult men would find this sufficient to get an erection. For such men, one tablet taken half an hour before sex will do the trick and take them through the next 24 hours. If any adjustment should be made, the doctor should make the call. This is a prescription drug. So any amount that you take must be determined by a knowledgeable medical professional. You can also ask an expert if you can buy Malegra DXT and Malegra DXT Plus .

The Benefits of Filagra DXT

You might not have thought of the benefits of this treatment beyond sex. Well, yes, that is the obvious benefit. You will be able to have sex like you were 18 years old again. Most men over 50 who have undergone this treatment say their erections were stronger and their partners noticed a difference in their overall performance. Now although this drug is not a performance enhancer, there are certain positives it offers that will affect performance. Consider these. 1. Reduced Risk of Stroke: The working of Filagra DXT affects blood vessel health. This is because buildup of plaque can be diminished when blood vessels enlarge. This means your heart too will get more blood with fewer chances of blockage. This also makes you more energetic and at times, that is what you need to up your performance. 2. Slowed Progression of ED: Studies show that men who start treatment early with daily doses of sildenafil can reduce the progression of this complication. As ED progresses, it can also affect your prostates and it will get harder to urinate. You can slow down that progression by taking Filagra DXT every day as directed. 3. Easy Treatment: There isn't much you have to do. This is the simplest treatment for ED and PE. A single tab taken 30 minutes before sex and everything should be working fine. In comparison with the rewards, this treatment is just perfect. 4. Improved Life: Different aspects of your life may go downhill due to impotence or premature ejaculation. Self-esteem, love life, energy, mental health and so much more. All these can be revived by treating the cause. Many men and their partners end up even happier than they were before treatment.

Side Effects of Filagra DXT

Reviews of men who have used this medication indicate that a handful experience unpleasant effects. They however are not so strong and eventually they subside. These effects include:
  • Migraines
  • Light sensitivity
  • Increased temperature
  • Nausea
  • Nasal Congestion
  • Unsettled stomach
If you take high doses that your body cannot handle, you can experience serious symptoms.
  • Penis permanently erect
  • Chest pain
  • Increased heartbeat
  • Drop in blood pressure
  • Blood when urinating


The leaflet in the box will have caution advice for the user. Your urologist too will warn you about certain practices. But in case you do not receive the caution, these are some of the important ones. 1. Avoid Overdose: Your urologist will give you a prescription. Stick to whatever is recommended. If you think you need to increase the dose, let the doctor know and advise accordingly. Do not determine your dosage on your own. 2. Only for Men: This treatment should only be used by men. That means a male aged 18 or over. Like all medication, children shouldn't have access to it. Pregnant women and those breastfeeding should never use it. 3. Medical History Important: If you have an underlying illness, tell the doctor before you start treatment. This will help determine if you can safely take the medication. Some people at risk include Diabetics, heart attack victims, people with low blood pressure and anemia. 4. Supplements can be Dangerous: Because of the risk of reactions, consult a specialist if you are already taking supplements. Watch out, especially for nitrates. Any supplement that contains nitrates cannot be mixed with Filagra DXT.

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