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Cenforce 100 mg is a medicine widely advocated for men to treat erectile dysfunction, impotency, and premature ejaculation. It contains sildenafil, a chemical component very commonly found in drugs that treat Erectile dysfunction. Cenforce is approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for usage by the public and is highly recommended by doctors for men suffering from erectile dysfunction and male impotency. It has been produced with various capacities to treat different stages of erectile dysfunction by Centurion Laboratories. Read More

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Sildenafil Citrate

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100 Tablet/s, 150 Tablet/s, 250 Tablet/s, 350 Tablet/s, 500 Tablet/s



Cenforce 100 mg is a medicine widely advocated for men to treat erectile dysfunction, impotency, and premature ejaculation. It contains sildenafil, a chemical component very commonly found in drugs that treat Erectile dysfunction. Cenforce is approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for usage by the public and is highly recommended by doctors for men suffering from erectile dysfunction and male impotency. It has been produced with various capacities to treat different stages of erectile dysfunction by Centurion Laboratories. Cenforce is made of Sildenafil Citrate. It has been used in many ED treating drugs like Viagra. Since Cenforce contains Sildenafil, hence it inhibits phosphodiesterase release.

The penis contains the enzyme phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) that is responsible for the lack of erection in the penis. Cenforce is a phosphodiesterase5 (PDE5) inhibitor drug, so it helps men to regain their ability to have an erection. This medicine works only during proper sexual arousal and does not work without the proper action that the penis receives during intercourse. This drug can be availed only with a doctor’s prescription and is made with many strengths and capacities to create convenience for the patient and serve him according to his needs.

Alcohol consumption should be avoided as it may affect a patient’s ability to get an erection as it tends to temporarily lower blood pressure. It is advisable to avoid alcohol abuse if Cenforce 100 mg has been consumed or the patient is planning to take Cenforce as this can cause dizziness when standing up. You may also want to check out Cenforce 25 MG.

Reasons: There can be innumerable reasons for erectile dysfunction. In such conditions, men lose their ability to sustain an erection for a long period. This usually happens because of the receding level of blood in the penis. The conditions can be a result of an injury or diseases like diabetes. There are some physiological and psychological states of the patient like anxiety, stress, depression, hypertrophy, benign prostatic that can cause Erectile Dysfunction. In this scenario, a patient should seek psychological aid or have a drastic change in lifestyle.

Some unhealthy habits like alcohol consumption and smoking can cause erectile dysfunction in men.

Process of Cenforce 100 mg: 

Cenforce 100 mg aids to achieve an erection of the penis when sexually stimulated by soothing the blood vessels. The main issue for having erectile dysfunction is a lack of blood flow through the nerves of the penis. The recommended starting dose is one tablet. Any sexual activity should be pre-planned before taking Cenforce 100 mg. It is supposed to be taken with water. It can be taken preceding or post a meal, although it works best on an empty stomach. Cenforce 100 mg takes time before it is active. Usually, it takes between half an hour to 40 minutes to start working. It doesn’t add any sexual stimulation. This treats erectile dysfunction by aiding in the achievement of an erect penis. It also helps to maintain an erection for a longer duration for those who find it hard to maintain an erect penis for long. This helps both partners to be sexually content. Also, click here to know more about how Cenforce 50 MG can be of help to you.

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Cenforce 100 mg’s Role for aiding in pulmonary arterial Hypertension: 

Cenforce 100 mg can help get high blood pressure under control in the blood vessels. It also helps in improving the exercise or workout regimes of a patient.

The inability of Cenforce 100 mg: 

There are some particular conditions under which this drug is unable to perform:

  • If a patient has any history of suffering from a stroke or heart cancer
  • If the patient suffers from any eye disorder
  • Serious liver conditions
  • It is not for the consumption of women or children below 18
  • If there is a specific allergy 
  • If the patient has Peyronie’s disease.

Makers of Cenforce 100 mg: 

Cenforce 100 mg is produced by Centurion Laboratories. It began its initial production in 2006 and is considered one of the most trusted pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers of medicines. Extremely experienced and well-respected medical experts supervise the manufacturing process of the drugs to ensure consistency in quality and authenticity. It has its headquarters in Gujarat, India. Centurion laboratories are trusted around the world for their high-quality production of antibiotics and other generic medicines.

Cenforce 100 mg comparison with Viagra: 

Cenforce 100 mg and Viagra are two highly recommended drugs for treating Erectile dysfunction. Both these drugs contain the same chemical ingredients of the Sildenafil Citrate. They are certified by the FDA for treating Erectile Dysfunction. There are of course some differences that set Cenforce 100 mg apart from all other ED treating drugs like Viagra.

  •       Viagra is slightly costlier than Cenforce 100 mg.
  •       Cenforce 100 mg is as effective in treating Erectile dysfunction as Viagra.
  •       Cenforce 100 mg is readily available both in online and offline markets

Cenforce 100 mg Side effects: 

Cenforce isn’t prone to cause any major side effects. However, it can showcase some interaction when used with certain drugs or due to a disease interaction. It is best to consult your health advisor about diseases prevailing or medications you are consuming. This will help the doctor to determine how safe Cenforce is for your use and assess your health conditions. Patients should go through the list of reactions that can be caused by this medicine.

There are some symptoms that prove Cenforce 100 mg side effects:

  •       Bleeding nose
  •       Pain in the muscles
  •       Diarrhea
  •       Flushing
  •       Headache
  •       Difficulty in breathing
  •       Redness of the skin
  •       Pain in the eyes
  •       Difficulty in sleeping

Some patients may face some rare side effects like pain within the bladder, burning sensation within the chest or the stomach, frequently urinating, pain while urinating, indigestion, dizziness, feeling of numbness, crawling, itching, etc. There have been side effects like anxiety or palpitation, lacking vision, bleeding in the eye, pain in the bone and chest, cold sweat, aridness of mouth, cold and paleness, lack of focus, fever, mental depression, drowsiness, dehydration, prolonged painful erection. These symptoms are very rare. This is not the only list of side effects to Cenforce 100 mg. There can be some symptoms that may not have been mentioned here. In case you are facing any of the mentioned side effects, you should immediately consult to avoid any further troubles and get an immediate cure.

Some drugs might make you experience some unwanted side effects if consumed with Cenforce 100. It is always advisable to consult a medical professional before consuming this medicine and inform them about the medications you are currently under.

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Diseases that may interact with Cenforce 100 mg

A number of diseases that could be interacting with Cenforce 100 mg are Stomach ulcers or bleeding, renal dysfunction, seizure disorder, priapism, sickle anemia, partial or complete deafness, retinitis pigmentosa, liver disease, etc.

Precautions that should be taken when consuming Cenforce 100 mg: It is best not to consume Cenforce 100 mg if you are allergic to Sildenafil Citrate.

Food consumption: People should avoid the consumption of any grapefruit-based product like alcohol whilst taking this drug. Cenforce 100 when consumed with alcohol only elevates its adverse side effects like change in heart rate, dizziness, flushness, etc.

Except for grapefruit, no other fruit is prohibited. Grapefruit can be very harmful to patients of ED.
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How to intake Cenforce 100 mg: 

It’s advised that Cenforce should be taken before having sexual activity. It is to be noted that not more than one dose is taken in one single go. This medicine requires a minimum gap of 24 hours before a patient can consume it again. In the unlikely situation of an overdose, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

1.Patient suffering from cardiovascular diseases: Consult a medical professional always if there is any kind of emergency perceived when you are consuming Cenforce 100 mg. This is especially necessary for people who have cardiovascular complications. It is advisable to go for a regular check up by a medical expert if you are a heart patient suffering from pulmonary arterial hypertension. In case you have already consumed medicines for hypertension with Cenforce, you may experience symptoms like blurred visions, become delirious, faintness or dizziness. In this case, you must seek help from a medical professional to avoid any permanent damage.

It is also right to inform your medical consultant of any previous history of heart diseases.

2.Reaction with nitrate drugs: This drug should not be taken whilst being on a prescription of nitrate drugs needed for the treatment of hypertension or angina. It is prohibited to take any other drug that treats ED with this drug. Abusing drugs that contain tadalafil are restricted with Cenforce 100 mg.

Consult your doctor immediately if your erection lasts beyond 4 hours. An erection that lasts this long can cause a lot of pain. It is advisable to not consume any other drug with Cenforce 100 mg without the consultation of a doctor. This can result in a catastrophe.

Cenforce is not made for children below 18. Its usage can have a traumatic effect on children. The medicine should be kept way out of their reach.

3.Diseases:  Some medical conditions like cardiovascular disease, stomach ulcer, pulmonary diseases, liver disease, retinitis pigmentosa, or seizure disorders can get worse with the added usage of Cenforce 100 mg. The doctor should be informed about your previous health condition.

Reasons to avoid Cenforce 100 mg

1.Having allergies: This drug should be discontinued if the patient has any form of allergies to sildenafil or facing any allergies.

2.Breastfeeding women:  Women who are lactating are strongly advised against the use of this drug. The drug has the capability to harm breast milk quality and in turn, can affect the child. Once a health expert has prescribed this drug, the patient needs to be under close observation and should stop the consumption of the medicine as soon as they are asked to.

3.Pregnant women: Cenforce 100 mg is not recommended for women who are pregnant. There are exceptions when it is prescribed by a medical professional. A medical professional prescribing this medicine is almost certain to have looked out at the various degrees of risks involved and briefly evaluated benefits that are associated with the medicine. Women are often prescribed Cenforce 100 mg to relax arterial hypertensions.  There are alternatives to this drug. Should there be any reaction with this medication it should be stopped immediately.

4.People with adverse heart conditions: This med is not for patients who suffer from any unstable heart condition. Cenforce 100 mg is known to cause a decline in blood pressure levels.

5.Drugs containing Nitrate: This drug doesn’t react very well with drugs that contain nitrates. The side effects can get elevated and cause overdose of Nitrate. This can happen because Cenforce 100 mg also contains a fair amount of nitrate as its component.

6.Riociguat: This drug is prohibited for patients who are simultaneously using Riociguat. It can lead to several other side effects and reactions.


What is the solution in case of an overdose of Cenforce 100 mg?

Patients should vigilantly observe if they have any overdose symptoms like dizziness, fainting, etc. It is best to contact a medical expert immediately. Overdoses are rare and totally avoidable if the patient is careful enough. It is however best to follow a proper medical remedy in case of an overdose. It can increase side effects.

Can a patient smoke and consume alcohol whilst being on Cenforce 100 mg prescription?

Smoking or consumption of alcohol after Cenforce is strictly prohibited as nicotine and alcohol can have a negative impact with Sildenafil citrate. It is best to abstain from abusing these substances.

Is it harmful to miss the Cenforce dose?

In the event of missing a dose of Cenforce patients should try to continue usage of the drug from the next dosage or consult a medical expert to ascertain when to consume the dose. Under no circumstances is it advisable to overdose.

Is it safe for women to use Cenforce 100 mg?

Cenforce 100 is strictly for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Women and children are restrained from using this medication.

Is Cenforce better than Viagra?

Cenforce 100 mg and Viagra are both safe for use in the treatment of impotency or erectile dysfunction in men. Both these medicines contain common ingredients like Sildenafil Nitrate. These drugs are not better than each other. Hence a medical expert must be consulted before taking this medicine.

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