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Avaforce 100 mg supplement acts as an oral remedy for impotence or erectile dysfunction in males. When combined with sexual stimuli, Avaforce 100 mg augments the process by increasing the flow of the blood to the penile area to help get and maintain an erection. Erectile Dysfunction or ED occurs when a man cannot get or maintain a penile erection for successful intercourse. Occasional erection issues shouldn’t be a cause for concern. Read More
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Avaforce 100 mg
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Avaforce 100 mg supplement acts as an oral remedy for impotence or erectile dysfunction in males. When combined with sexual stimuli, Avaforce 100 mg augments the process by increasing the flow of the blood to the penile area to help get and maintain an erection.

Erectile Dysfunction or ED occurs when a man cannot get or maintain a penile erection for successful intercourse. Occasional erection issues shouldn’t be a cause for concern. However, if experienced over a long period of time, it can be a cause of embarrassment. The reasons for it can range from physical conditions to psychological distress. ED can also contribute to stress as the inability to keep the erection firm can cause significant strain on relationships and can damage one’s self-esteem and confidence. Anyone suffering from ED should first be evaluated for any underlying conditions before being prescribed a course of Avaforce 100 mg.

Underlying health issues like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, blood pressure, cholesterol, hormonal deficiency etc., can be contributing factors. Alcohol, tobacco or substance abuse are also factors to be considered. ED can also be an early warning for other health issues such as heart conditions, hypertension, high blood sugar or atherosclerosis that is the hardening of blood vessels. A generally accepted idea is that what is good for your heart is good for sex.

A discussion with your family doctor regarding your health issues might be a good place to start before getting a prescription for Avaforce 100 mg.

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Composition of Avaforce 100 mg

         Avaforce 100 mg or Avanafil (generic name) is a trusted and fast-acting remedy for erection issues. It falls into a category of drugs called phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5) inhibitors used to treat erectile dysfunction. Avaforce 100 mg works better than other drugs of the same class with relatively fewer side effects or long-term effects.

Therapeutic Uses of Avaforce 100 mg

Avaforce 100 mg helps to treat impotence in adult men. It only works when there is sexual arousal. And so it is not necessarily a cure for erectile dysfunction but it only facilitates the process. It also has other possible uses related to pulmonary or cardiovascular systems which should be discussed with the doctor or pharmacist at length. Avaforce 100 mg is quickly absorbed by the body and shows immediate results. It is also easily metabolized and is eliminated from the body via feces and urine.

Who can Avaforce 100 mg be prescribed to?

Avaforce 100 mg can be prescribed to adult men who have trouble getting or maintaining an erection. Medication should only be prescribed by a doctor who is privy to your health issues as underlying conditions can also be a contributing factor to ED. In case of occasional incidents of ED, this drug should not be prescribed.

Though Avaforce 100 mg may have other potential uses, it has not been approved for use among women and children. Thus Avaforce 100 mg cannot be prescribed to them.

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How does Avaforce 100 mg medicine work?

Avanafil, the chief ingredient, is an inhibitor of phosphodiesterase 5 enzyme (PDE5) and is specifically more potent on this enzyme as compared to other PDE enzymes. It means that Avaforce 100 mg is less likely to have severe visual or cardiovascular effects as compared to similar drugs. It works by amplifying blood circulation to the penis only when combined with sexual stimuli.

 Avanafil blocks the enzyme action of PDE5 which works in the penis area. Sexual arousal results in the local release of nitrous oxide which interacts with the enzyme to ensure proper flow of oxygenated blood to the penis maintaining an erection. To show the desired effect, it requires the endogenic release of nitrous oxide which is released due to sexual arousal. The drug has shown no effect without sexual stimulus.

 Avanafil is known to have a significant drug interaction with other medications. Be sure to mention to your doctor all prescription and non-prescription drugs you are on.

Mode of Ingesting Avaforce 100 mg

Avaforce 100 mg should be taken only when prescribed by the doctor. It is an orally ingested drug that can be taken with or without food. No known food interactions are found yet thus you need not adjust your diet. Take it as advised by the doctor or only before sexual activity is expected.  

Q.When to consume Avaforce 100 mg?

It is advisable to take it between fifteen to thirty minutes before sexual intercourse for best results or as advised by your doctor.  It should only be taken once in a period of twenty-four hours. Do not consume more than what is directed. Sexual arousal is essential for the drug to show the desired results.

Q.How to consume Avaforce 100 mg?

Avaforce 100 mg can be taken with or without food. Swallow it as a whole with at least one full glass of water. Do not break, chew, or damage the pill in any way. Do not take more than one pill in a 24 hour period.

Q.Who can consume Avaforce 100 mg ?

Only adult men with long-term impotence issues may consume this drug on the recommendation of their doctor. It has to be ensured that ED is not caused by any other underlying factor.

Q.Who cannot consume Avaforce 100 mg?

Women and children are not to be prescribed this drug. If you are allergic to Avanafil or any other contents of this drug, you should avoid the use of Avaforce 100 mg. This drug is not advisable for those who are on medication for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension or nitrate drugs.

If you have multiple myeloma, leukemia, anemia, heart conditions, blood pressure or any other severe or non-severe health issues, please inform your doctor regarding the same. Talk to your medical health professional about any other medications that you are on before getting a prescription for Avaforce 100 mg.

Avaforce 100 mg related caution you must maintain: Inform your doctor if you have taken more than one tablet in a day. Stop the medication only on the advice of your doctor. It is possible to experience side effects even after stopping the medicine even though you didn’t take it every day.

**Contact your doctor/ emergency room immediately if you experience sudden vision loss or your erection is painful or lasts up to 4 hours. A prolonged erection can damage the penis.

Recommended Dosage of Avaforce 100 mg

The dosage is to be decided by your physician depending on your requirement, other medication, and your reaction to the dosage. Your physician may increase or lower your dose as per the requirement. The lowest and most effective dose is to be prescribed. Keep your doctor updated on the effects of the medication. It is advised to consume Avaforce 15-30 minutes before sexual activity. Only one dose is to be taken in 24 hours.

Do not consume Avaforce with more than three units of alcohol (three glasses of wine, or 3 shots of vodka or whiskey). It may amplify certain side effects.

Do not take double or extra doses than what is prescribed by your physician. In case you have taken more than the prescribed amount of dose, immediately inform your medical health professional and follow their advice. Overdosing can result in severe and long-term side effects. 

As this medication is not to be consumed on a regular schedule, the likelihood of missing a dose is not possible. It should only be taken when required.

In case you notice any unusual effects or any of the following side effects after taking the pill, consult with your doctor to adjust your dose.

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Side Effects of Avaforce 100 mg

         During clinical trials, the most common side effect seemed to be headaches. Some of the other common side effects include:

  • Nasal congestion
  • Body pains
  • Facial flushing
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhoea

These symptoms do not require immediate medical attention. It may however be advisable to mention it to your medical practitioner.

Some of the more severe reactions that require immediate medical attention include:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Breathing problems
  • Sudden loss of vision
  • Hearing problems
  • Fast or irregular heartbeat or heart attack-like symptoms
  • Erection lasting for 4 or more hours
  • Seizures

This however is not an exhaustive list. Any unusual reaction must be noted and discussed with your doctor.

Medical conditions that need to be taken care of:

  • Vision-related problems,
  • Heart diseases like heart attack or arrhythmia,
  • High or low blood pressure,
  • History of blood diseases,
  • Kidney or Liver related ailments,
  • Allergic reaction,
  • Stroke etc.

Managing the Side Effects of Avaforce 100 mg

Any non-severe side effect of Avaforce 100 mg can be treated with simple home remedies. However, if the symptoms persist or you develop more severe side effects consult your nearest health care center as soon as you can.

If you experience any other severe or persisting non-severe symptoms consult your doctor as soon as you can.

Precautions to be taken while consuming Avaforce 100 mg

It is absolutely essential to inform your medical practitioner about your medical history, especially cardiovascular or blood-related ailments in order to avail the best possible treatment for your problem.

1.Alcohol: No more than 3 units of alcohol to be consumed while on the prescription for Avaforce 100 mg. It is likely to increase side effects of dizziness, nausea, changes in heart rate and blood pressure that may lead to unwanted complications. If you are a chronic consumer of alcohol, you might want to mention that to the doctor.

2.Food to avoid while taking Avaforce 100 mg: Consult your doctor regarding consumption of Grapefruit while on Avaforce 100 mg.

3.Medications: if you are about to get any kind of surgery done including dental procedures, inform your doctor about Avanafil as it may interact with other drugs.

This medication does not protect you from STIs. Therefore appropriate protective measures need to be used.

Drug Interactions with Avaforce 100 mg

Unwarranted drug interaction can increase your chance of developing severe and long-term side effects. It is therefore extremely important to let your doctors know what physical health issues you have and what medications you are on. You may not always be aware of the components of the drugs you consume. Let your doctor assess the situation and then prescribe the necessary dosage.

An example of such interaction is any medication containing nitrates is to be avoided while on Avaforce 100 mg. It may react and cause dangerously low blood pressure which may cause a stroke or a heart attack.

Storage of Avaforce 100 mg supplement

Avaforce 100 mg should be kept away from direct heat and light. Do not store it in the bathroom cabinet. To be kept in an airtight container away from the reach of children.

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