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Everything you need to know about Fildena

Fildena is a vessel dilation medication that is commonly used in treating men with erectile dysfunction. It is an oral drug and a first-line treatment for the condition of impotence. Although marketed as medication for men’s sexual problems, the same drug could be used for other ailments that involve changing the state of blood vessels. These include pulmonary hypertension and problems with the prostates.

This drug is a product of Fortune Healthcare which owns the trademark Fildena which encompasses several brands of medications under the same name but differentiated by their dosage and composition.

Composition of Fildena

The key ingredient in the drug Fildena is Sildenafil. This is the therapeutic agent in the drug. Sildenafil is used worldwide in the treatment of impotence. It is a generic name for the drug. Several other drugs use the same compound but they will have a different brand name.

Other than Sildenafil, Fildena is also composed of food-grade compounds that give the drug its structure and characteristics such as easy dissolving in the stomach and the coating on the top of the tablet which makes it easy to dissolve. These ingredients except for Sildenafil are described as inactive because they do not effect the treatment process.

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Fildena and Sildenafil

Sildenafil is the main ingredient used in making Fildena along with dozens of other medications that treat erectile dysfunction. This ranges from the most famous ED drug Viagra to the least known medication produced recently. Sildenafil remains the main component of these drugs. Fildena, therefore, is one of those drugs within that range used in the treatment of men who cannot get an erection. The best way to differentiate Fildena and Sildenafil is that this drug is a brand and Sildenafil is a generic name for the drug. Hundreds of drugmakers will use the same ingredient and the products will be fairly the same with the same ability and safety.

Fildena is the result of years of research and trials using Sildenafil in the US and later across the world. There is nothing new about the drug when compared to Viagra which for several years was the main treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Sildenafil was patented by Pfizer in 1998 but the expiry of that patent gave rise to manufacture of drugs like this one under different brand names.

It is not uncommon for a urologist to prescribe Sildenafil, and the pharmacist will recommend Fildena after reading the prescription. This is because they are the same drug by different names.

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How Fildena is Used?

Fildena is an oral drug. Its medical use is mostly for the treatment of impotence. Different doses can be taken but that is mainly determined by a specialist who carries out assessments to know which dose may be appropriate.

When dealing with impotence, the drug is often prescribed as an on-demand medication. This means a patient only uses it when they need to get an erection. The recommended time to administer the treatment is an hour before intercourse. Some allowances can be made and a patient may take the drug just 30 minutes before sex. The maximum wait before sex after taking Fildena is 4 hours.

Except in very rare circumstances, this medication should only be taken once in 24 hours. This is because the drug lingers in the system for that period and a second dose within that time can cause intense side effects.

There are different doses of Fildena that were made to address the common prescription doses urologists recommend.

1.Pulmonary hypertension: In some instances, this medication can be used to treat pulmonary hypertension. Lower doses are preferred for this since they can be taken daily. Unlike with ED treatment, here it is more beneficial to take the medicine daily as opposed to on-demand.

2.Prostate enlargement: As with pulmonary hypertension, a low dose of Fildena can be taken daily to relieve the stress on the prostate glands. This treatment also reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

3.Non-medical use: Some more studies need to be carried out on the non-medical use of sildenafil in certain situations. For example, it was discovered that sildenafil can be used in the treatment of jet lag symptoms. This is based on studies on hamsters.

Professional athletes are also known to use medication that contains Sildenafil to improve their performance. This is based on the belief that increasing blood flow through the body will supply more blood to muscles for better performance.

Contrary to medical advice against using this treatment for recreational purposes, Fildena is at times misused by people seeking to enhance their sexual performance. This is not backed by scientific proof. Actually, there is evidence that instead points out that recreational use can be dangerous and result in death. Many youths choose to mix the drug with recreational drugs like methamphetamine and that is what may cause death.

Fildena Mechanism of Action

Every dose of this drug contains Sildenafil. This is a compound known to possess vasoactive characteristics in the class of Phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors. Abbreviated as PDE-5. PDE-5 is a hormone found in blood vessels and is associated with the control of the dilation of muscles. Under normal circumstances, this hormone will be active when vessels need to be narrow and tight, for example after ejaculation when the penis should become flaccid. However, in impotent men, it is always active, which means the penis will not erect.

When Fildena is swallowed, it will be absorbed into the vessels and it blocks this enzyme, PDE 5. This triggers the release of nitric oxide by the hormone cGMP which was suppressed by PDE-5. Nitric oxide released by cGMP encourages vasodilation.

The penis erection mechanism depends on 2 large chambers that are blood vessels. These chambers need to fill up with blood for the man to get an erection. Fildena gets these chambers called corpus cavernosum to enlarge and soften. When the man is stimulated, blood is freely directed into the penis and it will expand and stiffen ready for sex.

Since Fildena can remain active in the body for many hours, after an erection, the recovery time may be shorter than normal and for some men, the erection may be maintained even after they ejaculate.

Fildena Period of Action

A man will have improved erection quality for a minimum of 4 hours. Sildenafil is known to reach its peak after 4 hours. Despite the medication having varied action times dependent on the subject, it can guarantee at least 5 hours for all men who respond to the treatment. This period of action simply implies the amount of time a subject will have the ability to get and sustain an erection. A man can have multiple erections within that time. The medicine however will not affect libido. All through the time that it is active, the man needs to be sexually aroused for an erection to occur. But you should note that the subject will be more sensitive to stimulation because blood circulation throughout the body is at optimum level.

For some men, this drug can remain active for 10 hours after they take the pill.

Benefits of Fildena

Evidence presented from studies on the effect of Sildenafil on the body, there are several medical benefits of using the drug. These can be medical as well as social and mental benefits.

These benefits can be derived by looking at the characteristics of Fildena, for example, its vasodilation property, and virility enhancement. In the end, there is an overall improvement in the life of a man with ED who uses the medication as well as those with other ailments that can be managed with the drug. These are the key benefits.

1.Improved circulation: Fildena is a vasodilator and that means it opens up the blood vessels. This will benefit the body in different ways. All organs in the body can get more blood and for most people that will improve the function of the different organs like the heart, lungs, and most notably, the penis. The penis needs regular erections to get adequate blood supply and function normally. Even a function as simple as urination requires that the penis vessels dilate from time to time.

2.Improved erection: This is the main reason urologists prescribe Fildena. It will help a man with impotence get hard when he needs to. The erections can be sustained longer and sex feels much better. It is also important to understand that these erections can be controlled based on the time the medication is taken as well as if the man is in the mood for sex or not. It is different from an aphrodisiac that would cause involuntary increase in libido.

3.Shorter refractory time: The time between ejaculation and the next erection is notably reduced. Even for a man who may have premature ejaculation, he would be ready to go again much faster and therefore have more erections in a shorter time. This is good for the partner since they can still enjoy penetration with increased rounds.

4.Better response to stimulation: Because blood vessels and capillaries all receive more blood, there is greater sensitivity of the penis. Many men who use the drug will report enjoying sex even more than they did before. It also makes him respond faster to stimulation. This means you can get harder in a shorter time once foreplay is started. At the same time, some men report having more control over their climax, which helps them go longer than usual.

5.Eliminates performance anxiety: Sometimes, the reason for erectile dysfunction is anxiety. In some cases, this can be very serious and affects every attempt to have sex. With a low dose of Fildena, it is possible to get an erection, and eventually, that anxiety will subside and there will be no need to use the medication.

6.Confidence boost: Impotence affects most men’s egos and it can be very serious to the extent of depression. Studies on men who suffer from ED and used this medication show improvement in their confidence. Depression is also addressed as they continue having sex. Sometimes it may be coupled with counseling because depression when left for long needs gradual treatment. It helps when the cause of the depression is managed first.

7.Improved relationship: ED affects relationships. The inability to make love causes doubt about the commitment of each party in the relationship. Blame, resentment and frustration will strain the relationship even more. When treatment is commenced with Fildena, the couple can return to making love. This reinforced the love that they once shared and causes satisfaction which is an ingredient for a stronger relationship. It can even prevent couples from divorcing once the main problem is addressed.

8.Better health: This drug can be used to improve the health of the people who use it. Sildenafil was originally intended to address pulmonary hypertension. It can still be used for that even though it is better known for its improvement of erections. There are other health benefits it provides like improved cardiac health, prostate health, blood pressure, and recently, tests indicate that it can slow down Alzheimer’s disease.

9.Overall life improvement: The quality of a man’s life can be witnessed to improve after they start using this drug to treat ED. The condition rips holes in different parts of a man’s life and makes it a horror to live in. Fildena comes in to change that. From depression to happiness, from sex draught to lots of sex and general health improves as well.

Fildena Dosage

The amount of Sildenafil a patient needs depends on their condition. The urologist performs tests and inquires about the man’s condition before they determine what medication would be needed.

Fildena is available in various doses to suit the use of just one pill per day. It is common for older patients to take lower doses of the drug. People who need daily treatment also get prescribed lower doses.

No one however should take the drug without a prescription and monitoring by the specialist. The list of doses include:

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Side Effects of Fildena

For most people who use this medicine, side effects only occur when the dose is high. Most of the side effects are manageable and weaken as the body gets used to the drug. With the assistance of a trained professional, anyone can use Fildena with low risk of side effects, and when they occur they can be endured with minimal discomfort.

Many of the patients will have varied side effects and not all mentioned below will occur.

  • Headache is one of the most experienced side effects but it is mild and at times can be managed with pain killers or by hydrating
  • Nausea is also commonly experienced especially after the first few doses of the drug
  • A white person may turn red in the face and neck as well as experience heat flash
  • The medication can cause an unsettled stomach so it is advised to watch what you eat
  • Muscles and the back may ache after using the medication
  • The nose may also get congested or become runny
  • A rare but possible side effect is light sensitivity coupled with a blue tint to everything

Adverse effects

Some effects are considered serious. In clinical trials, these were associated more with overdose and interactions. The adverse effects are to be treated as emergencies and addressed as soon as possible by health care providers.

  • Priapism is caused when a man takes too much Fildena
  • Increased heartbeat or low blood pressure can happen with overdose and interactions
  • Loss of vision and hearing are known serious effects that can be temporary or permanent
  • Some people can lose consciousness if they take a high dose
  • Allergies may also occur and they include rashes and itching


Users of this medication are advised about interactions by their doctor, pharmacist as well as indications on the packaging of the medication. Several interactions can either make the drug stronger than its indicated dose or weaken it.

Although there are hundreds of possible interactions, the majority of them are not serious. An estimated 30 interactions would need particular attention to prevent dangerous reactions or to prevent the drug from becoming ineffective. Here are some of them.

  • Large amounts of alcohol can amplify side effects like headache and dizziness while reducing the effectiveness of the medication
  • Grapefruit and grape juice can cause increased vasodilation and lower blood pressure when mixed with this drug and that can be life-threatening
  • Medication that contains sildenafil or any PDE-5 inhibitor can be an overdose if taken at the same time as Fildena
  • Drugs to control blood pressure increase the risk of overdose is taken within the same period
  • HIV medication especially protease inhibitors can prevent Sildenafil from being absorbed
  • Cardiac drugs can become dangerous if used together with Fildena
  • Anyone receiving cancer treatment shouldn’t use this medication
  • Men receiving alpha-blockers for prostate growth shouldn’t use Sildenafil at the same time

The best way to get sufficient information about interactions and your risk is to visit a urologist before you start using the medication or where that is not possible, talk to a qualified pharmacist.

It is also recommended that while using this treatment, you let other doctors prescribing treatment for any other condition that you are on Sildenafil.

Who Shouldn’t Use Fildena?

Some conditions may make it unsafe to use this medication and others need more supervision when using the medication. Your health care provider will seek to establish if you have any preexisting condition that would render it dangerous to use the medication. Some of the conditions include:

  • A man with a curved or deformed penis may be at increased risk of priapism
  • People who suffered heart failure can suffer a recurrence after using this med
  • A person with leukemia or recently treated for the condition should avoid this drug
  • Heavy smokers and drinkers as well as drug users should first quit the start treatment
  • If you have diabetes, first talk to your doctor before you start using the meds
  • Healthy men shouldn’t use this recreationally
  • Anyone under 18 and pregnant women shouldn’t use it
  • If your blood pressure is low, do not use Fildena


As a result of certain side effects, it is not advisable to take this treatment just before you get behind the wheel or any complex machinery that requires full attention to operate. If you are experiencing blurred vision, dizziness, or any impairment to your senses, do not drive.

The risk associated with overdose are critical and effort should be made to avoid accidental or intentional overdose. Elderly users may have to set a reminder when to use the drug and never take it if the alert hasn’t gone off.

Users are also advised to be careful about where they store the medication. Heat and cold can degrade it. Pets and children may be attracted to the pill but it is dangerous for them. Do not keep it where they can find it.

Buying Fildena

The sale of Fildena is restricted to people who have a prescription. Before you start looking for the drug, look for a urologist who can approve its use by you. When you secure a prescription, there are 2 options for you to get the medication. The first is at a pharmacy. Find out from local pharmacies if they have the medication in stock. Many people who choose to buy the drug from a pharmacy are in a hurry to get quick delivery. Actually, there is no delivery, you will get it right at the counter once you make the payment.

In America though, Fildena is not common in most pharmacies. That brings in the next option. You are more likely to have success purchasing Fildena online. There are several online pharmacies with this medication in stock.

Online pharmacies are convenient because the product can be purchased without having to move more than your fingers. Professional pharmacies are also cautious about their client’s privacy. ED is a sensitive condition that not everyone can feely admit they have. Delivery of the medicines is done with utmost discretion.

Online pharmacies usually promise between 5 and 7 days delivery from the time you order the medication.

Risks of Buying Fildena Online

Online transactions whether medical or any other, have risks attached. One of the common risks is buying fake medications. Unscrupulous businesses online may sell different chemicals packaged as Fildena. You need to be careful about that. Only buy this drug from pharmacies that have evidence of certification. Also, genuine pharmacies will take more time to understand your need and help you make the best choice. The demand for a prescription can be a sign that the pharmacy is not just trying to take your money.

You should also take time to research the pharmacy you intent to buy from online. Browse through the site to make sure it is genuine and see how much information they provide about the business. Look for a physical address even if they are online. Every online pharmacy will still have a physical address if they are genuine and certified.

Another risk is the safety of your data. Identity and data theft are rampant online and you need to be vigilant to avoid being victimized. Only provide personal data to sites that use encrypted data. HTTPS should precede the site address if it is encrypted. Your computer may also alert you if you are about to share information with an unsecured site.

Despite the presence of unscrupulous businesses online, there are more trusted sites that you just have to identify.


1- Is Fildena better than Viagra?

Fildena is the same as Viagra only that it is made in India while Viagra is made in the USA. They both contain Sildenafil and will help impotent men get an erection. Fildena however costs much less than Viagra.

2- Does Fildena help you last longer?

Fildena is not a treatment for premature ejaculation. The drug is intended to help with getting an erection. However, there is evidence that some men find that ejaculation is delayed when they take the drug.

3- Can my wife use Fildena?

This medication should only be used after you consult with a healthcare specialist. Your wife may not be eligible to use the medication since ultimately, it is to help with erections. Some research indicates women with sexual dysfunction might benefit from using the drug, but a visit to a specialist would determine if your wife can use it.

4- How many tablets can I take?

It is recommended that you take a single dose in 24 hours. The number of tablets depends on the dose you have been prescribed, however, Fortune Healthcare makes these tablets based on common doses. If you buy the right dose, you should take only one tablet every 24 hours

5- Why is Fildena not working?

Several possibilities would explain the ineffectiveness of the medication. Some of the plausible explanations are that the drug has not been administered as recommended, you may have eaten so much before taking your treatment or the dose was low. The best option is to talk to your doctor again.

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