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Cenforce: Treat Erectile Dysfunction With these Sildenafil Tablets!

If you no longer have a sex life because you cannot get an erection, Cenforce could be the best option you have to rekindle that passion in your relationships. The drug is available widely and it has proven effective for the majority of users. But you need to start by understanding this medication and how it works.

What is Cenforce?

It is a male health medication that is taken to help get an erection before sex. Cenforce is a tablet commonly called generic Viagra. It is a result of the shared ingredient with Viagra. Sildenafil is that ingredient and was originally patented by Pfizer, the makers of Viagra. Cenforce can easily be referred to as a brand of Sildenafil.

Its main use is for the treatment of impotence even though the way it works makes it suitable for other treatments including relieving pressure on the prostate glands.

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How Does Cenforce Work?

Cenforce active ingredient Sildenafil is a vasodilator. The drug will help to cause an erection by getting blood vessels to dilate. Often, when a man has problems getting an erection, it is because the vessels are constricted and that means very little blood can flow into the penis soft tissues.

Sildenafil is also known as an Inhibitor of the enzyme PDE-5, also called phosphodiesterase type 5. This body chemical is responsible for restricting the dilation of blood vessels. Cenforce enters the bloodstream and goes straight to the walls of blood vessels where the enzyme is active. It will then stop that enzyme from acting.

The main action of PDE-5 in the body involves restricting cGMP which is another chemical in the body. This enzyme produces nitric oxide which is known to relax vessel muscles. When Cenforce blocks PDE-5, cGMP takes over and releases nitric oxide. The result is that vessels in the body will relax and increased blood flow is effected.

The blood vessels are kept dilated for the time that Sildenafil is active in the body. Cenforce however will not directly cause an erection. It simply makes it easier to get an erection when stimulated. If a man is sexually excited, the blood will easily flow into his sexual organ and the pressure of the blood trapped in there will cause an erection.

This medication, therefore, works in combination with stimulation when treating erectile dysfunction. In other conditions like hypertension, the same process would apply except for the stimulation.

This medication acts on the body for 6 to 10 hours depending on the person using it. Its peak performance is 4 hours after it has been ingested. Your wait may be 30 mins for action. In rare cases, some men will experience the effect after as short as 20 minutes. At times, what you eat before using the drug may affect the way the drug works.

In women, Cenforce may work in the same way, that is vasodilation. The difference though is that a woman may not need sexual stimulation for blood to flow into the genital area. A specially formulated brand called Cenforce Fm can increase sexual arousal and lubrication in women.

Who Should/Shouldn’t Use Cenforce?

Cenforce is primarily intended for impotent men. The dosage is measured based on its ability to influence an erection. Therefore, adult men, aged 18 and above with ED should use the medication. Some women can use the Female version of this medication if they have sexual dysfunction.

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Since its purpose is treatment, no one should use the tablet for recreation. Several myths abound about its supposed ability to boost the sexual experience for ordinary healthy men. This medicine is restricted to males diagnosed with impotence or women with arousal dysfunction.

Despite small-scale research conducted on women and their reaction to Sildenafil, this medication is forbidden for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. Its the same for anyone under 18.

For anyone to use the medication, they need to have a consultation with a urologist or a similar specialist who will determine that they are unable to get an erection. Even still, the doctor will need to confirm that the condition is treatable using oral tablets like these. A complete diagnosis should be carried out. It may involve testing using scans and an injection of the organ.

There are some categories of men who may not be able to use the drug. Despite being diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, it may not be safe for them to use the medicine. 

You shouldn’t use Cenforce if:

  • Your heart has been weakened by any heart complication or operation
  • You are an organ donor and within six months of organ donation
  • You are an active smoker or user of narcotic drugs
  • You are receiving treatment for severe blood pressure, be it high or low
  • You have liver complications or any other vital organ like kidneys and lungs
  • You suffered a stroke recently (within 6 months)
  • You have difficulty with sight related to eye pressure

Consult the doctor before using Cenforce if:

  • You have Sickle Cell anemia which increases the chances of blocked blood vessels
  • You have diabetes especially in the advanced stage
  • Your penis is deformed or naturally curved 
  • You suffer from hemophilia or any other disease that causes bleeding
  • You have stomach ulcers
  • You are undergoing any other treatment that may cause interaction with Cenforce

Where to get Cenforce?

There are 3 main ways you could get Cenforce in the USA. they all have their pros and cons, but one may stand out as the most convenient for you. The 3 ways to get this drug are:

1- From a Urologist

2- At a pharmacy

3- Order online

Urologist: Urologists deal with complications of the male reproductive system and impotence is one of them. They are versed with information about the different options for treatment and some of them may have certain medications stocked for their patients. The Pros of getting Cenforce from your urologist is that it will be a one-stop shop for you. Note, this medication should be taken with the supervision of a urologist. An appointment with the doctor should precede medication. It will be convenient if you can see the doctor, get diagnosed and after prescription, you will get the medication directly from the doctor. You will be assured that what you are given is safe since licensed doctors wouldn’t want to lose their license by providing substandard medication.

The problem though is that in the US, you may find trouble getting a doctor who has this medication. The reason being its origin outside the US. they are more likely to have more expensive drugs made within the country.

Pharmacy: This is where everyone turns when they want safe and legal drugs. Buying the medication from a pharmacist makes it possible for you to have a face-to-face consultation with a trained pharmacist. There is no delay in receiving answers to queries you have. The pharmacist can also do an actual assessment. For example, they can check your blood pressure to see if it is safe to use the medication. It may also be safer to buy Cenforce from brick and mortar premises because if there’s a problem, you know where to find them.

Some people however find a drawback in purchasing ED medication from a pharmacy because it is public and they do not want to publicize their problem. You might also find trouble searching for a pharmacy in the US that has Cenorce. Pfizer still exercises dominance in the market and they have support of the regulatory body to control access to generic medication that rivals their product.

Online: The world of online shopping extends to the pharmaceutical industry. By performing a quick search, you will come across several options to buy Cenforce online. Among them will be this site. Responsible and trusted online pharmacies can be depended on to provide sufficient amounts of the drug you need. You may also realize that the pricing is much better than you may find at a pharmacy. A prescription is still a necessity when buying this medication online. If you have already visited the physician, all you would have to do is to present a prescription. But, like a real pharmacy, you could also consult with the in-house, or in this case, online specialist. They will carry out an assessment and then decide if Cenforce is right for you.

What you may like about it is that you will not need to sacrifice your privacy. It shouldn’t be public knowledge you are seeking treatment for this common yet embarrassing condition. For example, if you order your meds from this site, they will package it in a way that attracts zero attention, nor does it give up what may be inside the packaging. If you want faster, cheaper, and discrete service, the online pharmacy provides a great option.


You will find basic info on how to use Cenforce provided by the manufacturer of the drug. These instructions however can be overridden by the specialist. In fact, the manufacturer indicates on the user leaflet that the medication should be used as instructed by a doctor.

You can also assimilate the following general info. Cenforce is an oral tablet that needs to be swallowed before sex. The amount you take depends on the information provided by a physician. The physician usually assesses the extent of the problem and prescribes an appropriate dose.

In most cases, Sildenafil meds are recommended for treatment once before sex. It is uncommon that you have to take regular doses if you do not intend to have sex.

The user is advised to use the tab 1 hour before coitus. One hour is for best results, even though many men may take it 30 minutes before and still achieve stiffness.

There is a strict warning about overdose. This usually occurs if you take more than you are supposed to within 24 hours. Whenever you are using this drug, note that it remains in the system for as long as 24 hours and you shouldn’t take more until the hours have elapsed.

Bottom line is that the medication is utilized based on instructions of a health professional. 


Centurion Laboratories makes different doses of the drug. The reason behind the varied doses is that this medication is prescribed based on a patient’s reaction to the medication. That may be set by factors that include age, health condition, other medications you are taking, and so on. The medication can even be tweaked after the first prescription. You could be advised to take a lower dose or a higher one.

The most common dose taken by men with ED is Cenforce 100 Mg. It is the recommended amount of Sildenafil for a starter dose. The majority of men with ED will react positively to this dose and will continue to take it for a long time throughout their treatment.

In some cases, the starting dose may seem too strong and the Urologist will recommend a lower dose. The next dose would be Cenforce 50 Mg. Commonly, elderly men would end up taking this dose or even lower. This is because their bodies can produce more nitric oxide on a lower dose of Sildenafil.

If on the other hand, you do not get a hard enough erection while using Cenforce 100 Mg, the urologist may increase the dose and recommend Cenforce 150 Mg. This dose is above normal so must never be taken without the directions of a trained professional.

There is even a higher dose and it is used as what is referred to as salvage treatment. It is a last line of oral treatment for erectile dysfunction. The full list of Cenforce doses is as indicated below.

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There are also other brands of Cenforce that may have similar amounts of Sildenafil as those indicated above. They however have different characteristics. These include:

Cenforce D: It is a combination of 100 Mg of Sildenafil and 60 Mg of Dapoxetine. This tab treats impotence as well as premature ejaculation.

Cenforce Professional: It is also 100 Mg of Sildenafil, but it is a sublingual tablet. This brand is not swallowed, instead, it is put to dissolve under the tongue.

Cenforce FM: This was made especially for women. It contains 100 Mg of Sildenafil and can help increase arousal in women.

Side Effects of Cenforce

The use of Cenforce is managed by a health specialist to minimize severe side effects. In general, though, the side effects of this medication are mild. When you experience mild side effects, there is no reason to worry. The majority do not continue for long. For most men, after using the medication for a while, the side effects may even stop occurring.

When a patient complains about strong and continuous side effects, the physician may recommend a lower dose. Strong amounts of Sildenafil increase the chances of heavy side effects.

In certain situations where a patient takes too much, they will have the effects of an overdose. When this happens, the medical team may need to be called to attend to the person.

Mild and common side effects include:

  • Headache is one of the most common but it will go within a couple of hours
  • Reduced blood pressure because of vasodilation can also cause lightheadedness
  • Some people may feel nauseous 
  • You could have stomach upset or indigestion
  • At times you may experience momentary blurry vision and fail to tell the difference between green or blue
  • Your nose could get blocked or start running
  • Backache and muscle pains may also happen

Do not expect all these side effects to hit you at once, you may just experience a few or even nothing at all.

If any of the following happen, however, the doctor should be alerted.

  • Continuous and severe headache
  • An erection that persists longer than 4 hours
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Any allergic reaction
  • Loss of sight or hearing
  • Bleeding from the penis
  • Any of the mild side effects get more intense and persist even after the medication is not active in the body


Refer to the patient’s leaflet for more information about interactions. We may not exhaust all the information on possible interactions. Your doctor too may need to have a one on one with you to assess the most likely interactions you may face when using this drug. You need to be aware that there are over 300 possible interactions when you are using Sildenafil. The critical ones can be cut down to approximately 31.

Critical interactions can be life-threatening because they increase the level of Sildenafil in your body and that can lead to overdose.

The most worrying consequence of an overdose is a quick fall in BP which could result in death.

When thinking about interactions, you need to remember that Cenforce is a vasodilator, therefore, any substance that may do the same thing, or anything that can lower blood pressure, may cause interactions and those can be dangerous.

Food interactions: Grapefruit is the most common food interaction to be aware of. Grapefruit will lower the blood pressure and that is the same thing Sildenafil does. Taking both together can promote the chances of an overdose. Fatty foods are another common interaction but this will do the opposite. Fatty and oily foods can block absorption of the drug and that will either delay the effect or prevent it.

Alcohol interaction: Taking too much alcohol can prevent the medication from working. In cases where a person drinks excessively, they will also amplify the side effects of the medication. Headache, dizziness, and vomiting are just a few of the things you would have to deal with.

Disease interactions: Some diseases will interact with this medication making it impossible to use the drug or necessary to make alterations to the dose. Common among them are:

  • Priapism
  • Retinitis
  • Cardiovascular disorder
  • Hypertension
  • Pulmonary illness
  • Alcoholism
  • Liver and kidney illness

Medication interactions: Some medicines will do the same thing that Cenforce does. Vasodilators are high on the list together with other treatments used for impotence. Those medicines will create complications associated with overdose. Your doctor will be key in helping you avoid interactions caused by medicines. A full list of the drugs you are taking will be needed and every time you see a new doctor, you need to inform them that you are using Cenforce so that the medications provided do not interact with your ED meds.

Caution when Using Cenforce

Although Cenforce is a safe drug, you still need to exercise caution when you are using it. Certain key precautions cannot be overemphasized. Here are some of them.

Driving: As you may have read the side effects of the drug, you realize some of them may present a problem to a driver. If you experience certain side effects like dizziness or blurred vision, you are advised against driving. People on high doses of the drug tend to have more side effects and so they shouldn’t drive after taking a dose.

Alcohol: Moderate use of alcohol is not bad, but if you drink too much, you will delay the action of the medicine and cause hangover combined with side effects.

Self-medication: Cenforce should never be taken without the guidance of a health provider. Many considerations need to be taken when determining a dose and only a trained person should do that. Self-medication is responsible for several cases of overdose.

Storage: When storing this medicine, keep it away from direct sunlight, do not remove it from the blister pack unless you are going to swallow it, and keep it at room temperature.

Pregnant women: This medicine shouldn’t be used by pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.

Advantages of Using Cenforce

You may have heard of other options to deal with erectile dysfunction and naturally you would want to know if there is any reason to use this over the others. Well, here are the benefits it gives.

Strength and efficacy: Cenforce is among the strong medications you can use to deal with erectile dysfunction. For over 80 percent of the men that have tried it, they got an erection after less than an hour from the time they took the drug. It afforded them enough time to have satisfactory sex with just one dose.

Easy use: The pills are small and easy to swallow. If you compare this to a pump or an operation, this is definitely a better option for dealing with erectile dysfunction. Anyone can take a pill and swallow it. You then wait a few minutes and you are ready to go. It is convenient.

Affordability: When you consider that you will have to use these pills frequently, the price will come to mind. In comparison with the most popular Sildenafil pill, this is a significant saving. You can have equal potency with Viagra but for a fraction of the cost.

Improved health: Cenforce doesn’t work only on your erection problem. As a vasodilator, it will get blood moving better. In the long run, using this medication will ensure parts of your body that may not have been receiving blood supply can do so. Some people feel healthier because of using the drug.

Confidence booster: One of the common effects of impotence is the loss of confidence. That confidence can be returned when you notice you have a hard erection and you can make love to your partner to their satisfaction.


How can I buy Cenforce in America?

The best way to purchase this drug in the US is to use the internet. Pharmacies online are cheaper and have larger supplies of the medication. Also,if discretion means a lot to you, this is the most private option currently. A trusted recommendation would be The US Meds.

Is Cenforce better than Viagra? 

Many people argue about this. The facts of the matter are that both these drugs contain Sildenafil as the active ingredient. When you compare price, however, Cenforce seems to be a saving option without degrading quality. You also have different varieties and strengths of the drug which you do not get when you choose Viagra. 

Can a woman take Cenforce?

The majority of Cenforce doses are not intended for women. The amount of research on the use of high doses of Sildenafil on women. But, you would be happy to know that Cenforce has a brand that is intended for women. The Pink pill is called Cenforce FM and some people refer to it as female Viagra.

What alternatives to Cenforce are available?

Your preference may guide our recommendations. If you would like another ED pill with Sildenafil, then Kamagra would be the closest alternative. If you want a longer-acting drug, then one that contains Tadalafil would be best and Vidalista is a good choice.


  • Cenforce is medication for impotence
  • Cenforce contains Sildenafil
  • Sildenafil is authorized for administering in the safe treatment of ED
  • You can buy Cenforce online for cheaper and discrete service
  • Always seek a physician’s opinion before you start using the medication

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