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Erectile Dysfunction Issue: What are the Most Common Reasons?

It is a common condition that affects more than 18 million Americans over 20 years old. ED can affect men of all ages, and it becomes more common with age. It affects millions of men, but it is shockingly rare that they seek treatment. How common is this condition, yet it's often not diagnosed and treated? Erectile dysfunction Issue.

These words can make any man nervous. Erectile dysfunction (or Impotence) is a very personal issue that many men find embarrassing and shameful to discuss.

What is Erectile Dysfunction Issue?

Erectile dysfunction Issue refers to a condition where you are unable or unwilling to erect.

ED, like many other forms sexual dysfunctions, can be severe. Some men with ED have difficulty getting erections, others may not be able to maintain them, or get a slightly firmer erection.

Erectile dysfunction Issue could be a temporary problem that you experience once in a while or something more serious that can affect your ability to have a fulfilling sex life.

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Are you suffering from ED?

Erectile dysfunction Issue can happen to any man, no matter his age. Erectile dysfunction can be temporary or more permanent. It all depends on the root cause. ED.

The top 10 causes of erectile dysfunction Issue

1) Age

Erectile dysfunction, like many other health problems, becomes more common with age. This rate increases with every 10 years. While 2% to 12% of men over 40 have some symptoms of Erectile dysfunction Issue, it is only a small fraction of those who experience it. More than half of all men aged over 70 experience symptoms of ED.

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2) Obesity and an inactive way of life

Scientists believe that obesity and sedentary living (little or no exercise, poor food choices, etc.) are reasons for this. Erectile dysfunction Issue can be a problem.

This is a problem that can be reversed. You can lose weight with the right support and begin to exercise more. You will notice a change in your erections as you continue to exercise and lose weight.

3) Diabetes

Erectile dysfunction Issue can be a difficult diagnosis. Diabetes is more common if you have it for a longer time.

The good news is that your risk of developing ED depends on how well your blood sugar levels are controlled. ED affects between 2% and 12% of 40-year-old males. However, that number jumps to 50% if we only consider those with high blood sugar. Although erectile dysfunction due to diabetes can't always be reversed, you can make it less likely by following the advice of your doctor to manage your blood sugar.

4) High cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease

The relationship between Erectile dysfunction Issue and a man's health is actually quite interesting. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by high blood pressure or high cholesterol. This has been known for a long time. Recent research shows that many men who experience erectile dysfunction in healthy men end up with heart disease within five years. If you have ED but no other health problems, your doctor may recommend that you examine your heart. Early detection may help you avoid developing heart disease.

5) Smoking

Erectile dysfunction Issue is one of the many health problems that smoking and other tobacco use can cause. Smoking tobacco can reduce blood flow throughout the body. This also applies to the blood vessels of the penis. It becomes more difficult to achieve and keep an erection if the blood supply drops. This is easily reversed. You'll see a difference in your erections if you quit smoking.

It can be difficult to quit smoking, but it is possible. Help is always available, even if you have tried to quit smoking before. Is today the right day?

6) Medication side effects

Fildena is one of many prescription and non-prescription medications that can cause or contribute to erectile dysfunction. Some antidepressants, blood pressure medications, antihistamines and some opioid pain medications are some of these. These are not all the possible causes. If you have difficulty with erections or recently started a new medication ask your doctor or pharmacist if they could be related.

Remember: Erectile problems can also be caused by excessive alcohol consumption and use of recreational drugs.

7) Performance anxiety and mental health

Your brain may have difficulty creating nerve connections or releasing hormones that cause erection if you are under stress. With the right treatment and support, these can be managed and reversed.

8) Prostate malignant growth and aggravation

Erectile dysfunction Issue can be caused by an unhealthy prostate. One of the components of semen is created by the prostate. If you are suffering from ED or have prostate problems, talk to your doctor.

9) Sexually communicated Infections (STIs).

One common question that men ask is whether sexually transmitted diseases (formerly known by STDs) can cause erectile dysfunction. Most often, if you treat the prostate infection as well as the STIs, any issues related to ED will disappear. A prostate infection left untreated can lead to permanent damage. It's best to consult your doctor as soon as possible for Erectile dysfunction Issue.

10) Low testosterone

One in four men have lower testosterone levels, also known by low T. It can be easily diagnosed with a simple blood test and managed with medication. Most men will experience a decrease in Erectile dysfunction Issue symptoms or disappearance once their testosterone levels return to normal.

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Keep this in mind

These are the most common causes for Erectile dysfunction Issue. However, there are other causes. There are many treatment options available, regardless of the cause. These include well-known drugs such as sildenafil or Cialis. Most people find it difficult to start a conversation with their doctor. You can work with your healthcare provider to find the right regimen for you.

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