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Do Blood Pressure medications cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Blood pressure frequently causes erectile dysfunction. We take Blood pressure control medications to bring down our pulse, however, interestingly, the symptom of these medications is ED. Ed isn’t only a circulatory strain prescription, however a result of different drugs. Examination appraises that over 25% of impotence is because of different medications.

Numerous medications can be the main source of erectile problems, yet PA drugs are high on that rundown. The circulatory strain medications that normally cause erectile dysfunction are circle diuretics, beta-blockers, and thiazide diuretics. In practically all cases, these medications can decrease intimate the measure of blood in the penis and consequently forestall adequate excitement during intercourse. Some other PA medicates seldom cause impotence, including ACE inhibitors, alpha-blockers, angiotensin receptor blockers, and so forth.

Some exploration asserts that pulse prescription can influence individuals more mentally than genuinely. If somebody has erectile issues after taking another medication like Kamagra 100mg tablet, they might be more terrified of the issue than the medication. It can trigger the issue. Numerous reliable individuals act unusually because of the pressure of ED.

While numerous solutions Blood pressure drugs have been connected to barrenness, numerous others are more averse to causing issues. Certain Blood pressure prescriptions can even assist in soothing weakness manifestations. Numerous antihypertensive pills, like diuretics and beta-blockers, have been displayed to mess up an erection.

What types of blood pressure medications affect Erectile Dysfunction?

Most Blood pressure drugs have been connected to barrenness, which implies that they help to cause impotence. Nonetheless, a few medications for Blood pressure help decrease the frequency of impotence. Purchase drugs for erectile treatment online in our drug store. Some medications can influence sexual capacity and cause sexual dysfunction:

Water pills (diuretics): Diuretics, perhaps the best medication for BP, can diminish the bloodstream to the penis. It can likewise bring down zinc levels, which is the primary driver of expanded intercourse chemicals in the body.

Beta-blockers: These medications are essentially utilized by the more established age and are ordinarily connected with sexual dysfunction.

The Harvard Special Health Report on Erectile problems and the latest report in the European Heart Journal demonstrates that a man was determined to have a heart issue. Although he doesn’t have ED, he began treatment with the beta-blocker atenolol (Tenormin). However, a couple of days after the fact, side effects were seen on his body. Some examination members announced that 33% of men who take this medication like Zhewitra 40 mg had ED.

It shows that this medication from one viewpoint brings down BP and then again causes barrenness. Accepting the drug as recommended can diminish the danger of results, including erectile issues or other sexual issues. If not, you should contact your primary care physician and request that they endorse another drug.

High blood pressure medications less likely to cause ED

A few families with Blood pressure prescriptions infrequently cause erectile dysfunction as a result. They include:

  • ACE inhibitors
  • Alpha-blockers
  • Calcium
  • Channel blockers
  • ARBs

Regardless of whether you are not taking a pulse prescription, you need to screen your circulatory strain, as Blood pressure is frequently an indication of erectile problems. If you as of now have weakness, consider utilizing penis activities and vacuum siphons to facilitate your actual manifestations.

Being used, vacuum siphons make a vacuum around the penis, which rapidly draws blood, bringing about an erection. Numerous clients report enhancements after utilizing vacuum siphons: indeed, 86.66% of water-driven siphon clients report better and longer-enduring erections.

How are erectile Dysfunction drugs related to Blood Pressure?

For men with erectile issues ought to think about medication to screen their wellbeing. Impotence prescriptions, including Sildenafil like Aurogra 100mg, are for the most part viewed as safe for men with Blood pressure. Then, at that point, you can take it.

Erectile dysfunction prescriptions are not suggested for men who have genuine cardiovascular conditions, for example, BP, trouble peeing, or lower urinary parcel issues. Never take ED prescriptions while consuming nitrates, as these meds are for the most part used to treat chest torment. Even though you are utilizing a nitrate drug, when you are taking an erectile problems prescription, your pulse can cause a sharp drop and it’s anything but an intense structure later on.

Medications that have less likely to cause Side- Effects

If you need to take circulatory strain medication for Blood pressure consistently, yet additionally experience the ill effects of the sexual results of this medication like the Fildena 100 mg pill, you should see your experts right away. You need to tell him about the issue. You should switch tranquilizers as there are numerous BP drugs accessible in the market that are more averse to causing sexual issues.

For instance, changing to a refreshed variant of the beta-blocker can improve erectile issues indications. On the off chance that your primary care physician concurs and says “Alright,” you can quit taking your pulse drug for a brief time frame at the earliest opportunity. After seeing that the indications of an intimate issue can be improved, they generally should be halted. During this time, you should have your pulse checked routinely to comprehend that your circulatory strain is protected.

Notwithstanding drugs for Blood pressure, you should mention to your doctor what kind of medication you are taking, including homegrown meds or enhancements, over-the-counter meds, and so on. Examination shows that a few enhancements or a particular mix of meds cause intimate issues.


Tragically, these are additionally the medications of decision a specialist recommends when diet and exercise demonstrate incapable. Note that patients should keep on taking diuretics until their circulatory strain is controlled. On the off chance that erectile issues continue, your primary care physician may change to an alternate medication convention. If you are recommended a beta-blocker, you ought to find out if it can cause erectile dysfunction. Regardless, tell your doctor if you think a circulatory strain prescription can cause erectile issues.

On the off chance that it is the medication and not simply the Blood pressure, changing to an alternate solution can tackle the issue. Be that as it may, continue to take your physician-endorsed prescription. ED can be a major issue for men with BP and can be aggravated by drugs that direct circulatory strain. Luckily, your primary care physician will endorse a suitable game plan for erectile dysfunction related to it.

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